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Aug 17 2017

Tom Golder – Patch 22 (Alternate Mix)

Live recording, no edits, on modular synth. Down the rabbit hole.

Jul 08 2017

Tom Golder – Patch 21

Slow acid jam, recorded live on my modular.

Jul 01 2017

Tom Golder – Interkontinental

Analog sound finding mission. Pedals, monosynth and drum machines on the tracks.

Jun 27 2017

Tom Golder – Once Again

Once again into the dark places. The tools: Vermona DRM 1 MKIII, Korg MS-20, Alesis Micron, Yamaha SY-22.

Jun 14 2017

Discovery Circle – d67

Live all-hardware drone ambient recording, featuring Roland SH-32 and various guitar effect pedals.

Jun 12 2017

Tom Golder – Patch 20

Deep Dream Ambient. Performed and recorded live on Eurorack modular synth.

Jun 05 2017

Tom Golder – Patch 19

Live #ModularMonday recording, a simple evolving dark ambient/drone patch.

May 31 2017

Location Specific – Cathedral Forest Trail

Every sound on this track is a prepared/modified sample taken from field recordings at Cathedral Forest Trail: hinges, taps, light switches, sliding doors, appliance noise and environmental sound. The first in a series of field-recording-based techno tracks.

May 16 2017

Dark Surface – 1992.1

Bringing back the oldskool breakbeat hardcore. Made with love and hardware: Roland Super JV 1080, sr-jv80 Techno expansion.

Apr 04 2017

Discovery Circle – Reentrant

From the forthcoming Primalize EP, deep tribal techno, lovingly crafted on hardware.

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