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Another amazing event from the Airspace crew coming up! These gentlemen are originators and creators, and I’m excited to be headed to Edmonton to support their line-up. This pop-up party boasts a virgin venue, and you know with this crew the music and vibe will be just right.




Sublight: “Feast in the East” Live set

Well here it is, friends – the last mix I’ll be posting for 2012. Here’s to a great year done and an even better one coming. This set was performed live in -15c weather outdoors on a Calgary winter’s day, so that might explain a bit of the sound quality & mixing. 😉 That said – the message is clear: PEACE – WARMTH – LOVE. Happy New Year!

MP3 Player enabled for streaming – enjoy!

Hi all – I’ve fixed a broken MP3 player plugin, so you should now be able to enjoy all the sets on the site via streaming instead of just download. Please try it out & enjoy!

Stylusnation now on SoundCloud

Because you can never have enough social media, we’ve started adding some Sublight sets to the big booming SoundCloud in the sky. Check out all the fun at (or click the SoundCloud icon at the top of the page) – more sets to be added this week for your listening pleasure…

Sublight on CJSW 90.9FM this weekend

Hello friends & music lovers,

StylusNation will be hitting the airwaves this weekend, with Sublight playing on CJSW 90.9FM – catch all the insomniaction between 3-7am Saturday morning on ~Tea Time With Annie~

For those of you not in the 403, you can catch the sounds through the magical pipes of the Interweb at

For more details on the show, check out:

2012: A Great Way to Go

It’s funny, because I’m going to say that this will be a year of unprecedented growth for bassmusic. And that’s funny because it has been said so many times. Through jungle, drum & bass, UKG, 2-step, breakstep, dubstep, futurebass and god knows what we’ve been used to, we’ve been enjoying a good, full bassbin for near two decades now. Where we used to be very proprietary about our particular brand of bass-enhanced music, we’re now being forced to see increased hybridization and crossover as the norm, and on the whole, it is a beautiful thing (minus brostep & fuck you Skrillex, you look like an ugly pre-teen goth girl). For me, the increased convergence of bassmusic and techno in particular has been something I’ve been watching with a hefty appetite. Two passionate styles of music with so many creative ideas brewing, and merging the two has unleashed a musical godzilla on more than one occasion of late and I’m excited to see what’s in store for us in 2012.

2012 is going to be a storming year, and I’m already seeing that in my record crate. For me, I’m going to be keeping an eye on the following artists that I think will continue to make a big splash: Randomer, Blawan, Untold, Objekt, Teeth, Kowton, Author, SCNTST, Martyn, Nightwave, 2652 and Pangaea amongst others. Equally, I’ll keep an eye on the Hemlock, Clone Basement Series, Daphne, Hessle Audio, Idle Hands and Ann Aimee labels, and I’d love to see more from Scrub a Dub, R&S and LoDubs because their output is, on the whole, amazing. Don’t get me wrong – Tempa and Tectonic are also some stalwarts to watch – their 2011 output has been consistent, just maybe not quite as inspiring on the whole. The Tri Angle label and the West Norwood Cassette Library both officially weird me out, but I’ll be seeing more of them too I hope.

Let’s go 2012 – it’s going to be wild.

Orlesko Mixes & Live sets!

The minister of minimal, the titan of techno, the heretic of house! Check out friend of StylusNation, the one & only Orlesko. This man can do no wrong when he’s on the decks, and it’s always a pleasure and an education to hear him play.

You can check out his mixes and live sets at and of course he is half of the dynamic duo that bring you Monday Morning Minimals each week on CJSR 88.5FM Edmonton midnight-2am Sundays (live streaming on the web, yo!).

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