Category: Music

Sublight feat. Jen Kunlire: “Bones”

Here’s one more track featuring the quick & creative Jen Kunlire – this time a bit more on the ambient tip.

Sublight: “Bare Witness”

An amusing old jungle tune from the vaults. Lots of cheeky samples…

Franco B & Sublight Live at Komasket Music Festival 2004

Franco B was short his tour DJ so I was filling in that summer – the man has an amazing talent for freestyling and used to do it with great regularity and ferocity. This performance at the Komasket Music Festival in 2004 showcases his work and a bunch of freeestyles.

Sublight: “Golgotha”

Here’s a track that’s 8 years old but hasn’t really seen the light of day before. Dark business for dark days.

Sublight: “Crayon: Closet Tracks vol. 1” Classic DJ set

Recorded Live in the studios of CFRU 93.3FM in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

All original tracks produced by Crayon.