GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #30 – Codeine & Gauze

An hour of the latest laid back deep and melodic house music, played only on vinyl.

  1. Neozaïre – Blue Bell Treasure (Synkro Remix) [Fauxpas Musik]
  2. Peverelist – Under Clearing Skies [Livity Sound]
  3. Ivan Latyshev – Art of Flying [Dessous Recordings]
  4. Telephones – U DTMF Party Jungel (DJ Fett Burger’s Understated Moss Phlox Mix) [Running Back]
  5. Unknown Artist – Untitled [Mask]
  6. Presk – Starets [SOHASO / Mary Go Wild]
  7. Erdbeerschnitzel With Level Hopes [Delsin]
  8. Richard Fearless – Sweet Venus [Drone]
  9. Locked Groove – Dawn [Speicher]
  10. wAFF – Inception [Desolat]
  11. Neozaïre – Blue Bell Treasure [Fauxpas Musik]

Tom Golder – Once Again

Once again into the dark places. The tools: Vermona DRM 1 MKIII, Korg MS-20, Alesis Micron, Yamaha SY-22.

Discovery Circle – d67

Live all-hardware drone ambient recording, featuring Roland SH-32 and various guitar effect pedals.

Tom Golder – Patch 20

Deep Dream Ambient. Performed and recorded live on Eurorack modular synth.

Tom Golder – Patch 19

Live #ModularMonday recording, a simple evolving dark ambient/drone patch.

Weaponized (the best of 50 Weapons) [DJ set]

A selection of the finest, and hardest, of the 50 Weapons catalogue, played out on vinyl.


Location Specific – Cathedral Forest Trail

Every sound on this track is a prepared/modified sample taken from field recordings at Cathedral Forest Trail: hinges, taps, light switches, sliding doors, appliance noise and environmental sound. The first in a series of field-recording-based techno tracks.


Take a voyage of discovery across a deeply felt landscape of rumination, ruin and rebirth. All spun into existence on vinyl.

  1. Oli XL – Heretic [PAN]
  2. K-Lone – Woniso [Wisdom Teeth}
  3. Dark Sky – Domes [Monkeytown Records]
  4. Autechre – Kalpolintrol [Warp]
  5. Autechre – Bike [Warp]
  6. Kowton – Pea Soup [Livity Sound]
  7. L.SAE – The West End As It Will Be [Timedance]
  8. Basic Rhythm – Suburban Bass (4 Da R) [Type Recordings]
  9. Special Request – Redrum [Houndstooth]
  10. Pessimist – Peter Hitchens [Blackest Ever Black]
  11. Surgeon – Convenience Trap pt.4 [Dynamic Tension]
  12. SØS Gunver Ryberg/Aïsha Devi/Rrose/Paula Temple – Dr2-2 [Noise Manifesto]
  13. Cirkle – Kachira’s Cave [Deep Sea Mining Syndicate]
  14. Tomas Kunkel – Requirements [GKNSTR]
  15. TNT – Beat Track 2 (edit) [Running Back]
  16. Dr. Derelict – That Shit’s Wild [Trax]
  17. Elll – Pegasus [Art For Blind]
  18. Mumdance & Logos – Move Your Body (Perc & Truss Remix) [Tectonic]
  19. Peverelist – Undulate [Livity Sound]
  20. Fluxion – Hordes Descent [Subwax BCN]
  21. Anna – Second Mistake [PAN]
  22. Kailin – Voyeaur [Mistry]
  23. Housebound Demigod – Packhorse [Modern Love]
  24. Ossia – Red X [Blackest Ever Black]
  25. Naaaahhh – My Theme [Blackest Ever Black]

Dark Surface – 1992.1

Bringing back the oldskool breakbeat hardcore. Made with love and hardware: Roland Super JV 1080, sr-jv80 Techno expansion.

Ominous Industry [DJ set]

The sounds of industry and progress, devolution and recombination. Recorded live via vinyl.