Tom Golder – Patch 22 (Alternate Mix)

Live recording, no edits, on modular synth. Down the rabbit hole.


Deep Summer immersion. All vinyl and filled with possibility. Track Listings below.

  1. Arthur Luce Klein – The Diary of Samuel Pepys [Spoken Arts Inc]
  2. Dubatech – faq [Baum]
  3. Porter Ricks – Shoal Beat [Tresor]
  4. 200 and one – Get Down (Len Faki’s Deepspace mix) [Figure]
  5. Floorplan – Made up my Mind [MPlant]
  6. Luca Agnelli – Voltumna (Truncae remix0 [Eturia]
  7. Cadens & Kracht – Lompret [Wolfskuil]
  8. Deapmash – Halcyon (VIP) [Leisure System Records]
  9. Radio Slave – Children of the E (KiNK SP1200 Remix) [Running Back]
  10. Clouds – Fallout [Electric Deluxe]
  11. Kiani and his Legion – I Can Take You There (If You Let Me Take You) [SOHASO]
  12. Bambounou – See You Soon [50 Weapons]
  13. BNJMN – Mass Conductor [Tiercel]
  14. Biosphere – Black Mesa [Biophon Records]


Tom Golder – Patch 21

Slow acid jam, recorded live on my modular.

Tom Golder – Interkontinental

Analog sound finding mission. Pedals, monosynth and drum machines on the tracks.

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #30 – Codeine & Gauze

An hour of the latest laid back deep and melodic house music, played only on vinyl.

  1. Neozaïre – Blue Bell Treasure (Synkro Remix) [Fauxpas Musik]
  2. Peverelist – Under Clearing Skies [Livity Sound]
  3. Ivan Latyshev – Art of Flying [Dessous Recordings]
  4. Telephones – U DTMF Party Jungel (DJ Fett Burger’s Understated Moss Phlox Mix) [Running Back]
  5. Unknown Artist – Untitled [Mask]
  6. Presk – Starets [SOHASO / Mary Go Wild]
  7. Erdbeerschnitzel With Level Hopes [Delsin]
  8. Richard Fearless – Sweet Venus [Drone]
  9. Locked Groove – Dawn [Speicher]
  10. wAFF – Inception [Desolat]
  11. Neozaïre – Blue Bell Treasure [Fauxpas Musik]

Tom Golder – Once Again

Once again into the dark places. The tools: Vermona DRM 1 MKIII, Korg MS-20, Alesis Micron, Yamaha SY-22.

Discovery Circle – d67

Live all-hardware drone ambient recording, featuring Roland SH-32 and various guitar effect pedals.

Tom Golder – Patch 20

Deep Dream Ambient. Performed and recorded live on Eurorack modular synth.

Tom Golder – Patch 19

Live #ModularMonday recording, a simple evolving dark ambient/drone patch.

Weaponized (the best of 50 Weapons) [DJ set]

A selection of the finest, and hardest, of the 50 Weapons catalogue, played out on vinyl.