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Sublight: “San Frandisco Chronicle” DJ set

The Bay Area is a rich bed of DJ history, and it’s not hard to find some of that truly remarkable lineage when you walk into one San Francisco’s record stores. Here are a few gems I unearthed that traverse the last two decades of tastes on the west coast.

Sublight: “Love Funk” DJ set

In a broad departure from the usual, how about some funk & breakbeats this morning?

Sublight: “Bring the Wave” DJ set

A minimal affair hedging between techno & house and throwing in broken beats of various tempos for a leisurely close. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Because you’ve got to have Nostalgia” DJ set

Fragments of memory, shards of experiences, coming together; not sure why.

Sublight: “Dance Camp(y)” DJ set

Lots and lots of things mashed up. Bouncy and fun – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sublight: “Numbers” DJ set

Well, we had to post it sooner or later. The party set that wouldn’t die!

Sublight: “Magic Carpet Bride” DJ set

Bright, bass heavy breakbeat and some electro to close it down.

Sublight: “Halloweed” DJ set

It’s not quite Halloween, but it is late at night, and some of you may find this mentally enhancing and/or challenging. Treat or Trick?

Sublight: “Cracked Pepper Spray” DJ set

The madness escapes in every direction. This bizness is gritty and dangerous.

Sublight: “Encyclopedia Brown Breaks (the case)” DJ set

Summer funk & fun breaks, the soundtrack for a road trip out to the islands.