Tag: downtempo

Sublight: “Experimin” DJ set

Here’s a mellow mini-set for the quiet hours for all you sleepy travelers out there. Blessings and love to all.

Sublight: “Active Release III” DJ set

This is the third in the series, and probably the last (at least for now). Enjoy.

Sublight: “Chill Pill” DJ set

Does just what the label says. Enjoy.

Sublight: “After Dinner” DJ set

Vibes for after our wedding dinner.

Sublight: “Mystical Dinner” DJ set

Transported on a journey through acoustic space and musical time.

Sublight: “Cocktail Hour” DJ set

It’s time for cocktails at StylusNation HQ, so here’s some music to complete the vibe… Enjoy!

Sublight: “Not-so-happy-ending” DJ set

Here’s one for the days when you feel like everything’s gone wrong, and you’d like to wallow a bit. A good soundtrack for a bad breakup.

Sublight: “Bungalow Brand Funk” DJ set

Taking things down a notch – some downtempo, soul, funk & jazz recorded on a night out at the Bungalow back when Sonic & I had a residence there on Saturdays.

Sublight: “What is Jazz?” DJ set

NuJazz and downtempo styles. I was now starting a residency on both Thursday and Saturday nights at The Bungalow, a lounge on 17th Avenue in Calgary. It was a hedonistic little place, and Sonic and I crammed it every week with sweaty, drunk partygoers looking to let loose and listen to the sexy sounds.

Sublight: “Golgotha”

Here’s a track that’s 8 years old but hasn’t really seen the light of day before. Dark business for dark days.