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Sublight: “Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa Smokes Rock” DJ set

Here’s a cut up hip hop set featuring classic and new tracks alike. Enjoy.

Sublight: “I Busted Your Ho” DJ set

Alright now, here’s a mix of b-boy breaks and hip hop that will keep your ass moving this night. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Fuckfop” DJ set

Some ballistic turntablistic fun. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Headfuq” DJ set

What’s that you’re smoking? What’s that you’re learning?

Franco B & Sublight Live at Komasket Music Festival 2004

Franco B was short his tour DJ so I was filling in that summer – the man has an amazing talent for freestyling and used to do it with great regularity and ferocity. This performance at the Komasket Music Festival in 2004 showcases his work and a bunch of freeestyles.

Sublight: “Ghetto Blasted” DJ set

Soundtrack for a wake & bake morning?

Sublight: “Odd Dough” DJ set

Funky business.

Sublight: “Hip Hop Minutes” DJ set

A classic routine.

Sublight: “Oyster Dub Monk” Classic DJ set

I was getting into a lot of hip hop, and I’d be crate digging at Rotate, Peter Dunn’s Vinyl Museum, Dr. Disc in Hamilton (and even London), and of course the obligatory visits to Play De Record and Traxx (before it closed). Even Record Peddler [RIP] was a great source for hip hop for a while there. Anyhow, it came down to experimenting with beats and textures and cuts and so on. Which at first sounded a bit dodgy, but eventually became a solid adjunct to my jump-up and jungle sets.Trainspotters will also notice the genesis of a new name, which would not be used for another decade or so.

Sublight: “Naughty, Big & Bouncy” Classic DJ set

1998, a year of discovering turntablism thanks to the exposure from my friend Ryan7 – a techno DJ with hip hop roots. Checking out battles, DMC champs and crate digging a whole lot of new influences….