Category: Classic DJ Sets

Sublight: “Live at Funkdified (part 1)” Classic DJ set

Live set, 4-Feb-99, Peterborough, ON.

Sublight: “Insane” Classic DJ set

Classic hip-house and electro jams give way to jump-up tunes.

Sublight: “Pistol Packing Pipe Junglism” Classic DJ set

A brief return to the very early days of jungle. Some of the darker side as well as the light.

Sublight: “New Crack City” Classic DJ set

Shifting into the future of Drum & Bass. A very dark future for the time being.

Sublight: “Bubble Dubs & Scrapes” Classic DJ set

Jungle records played at 33 instead of 45rpm create deep, dubby breaks that I could never resist. A technique I learned first from Nat [RIP] way back in ’94.

Sublight: “Minimal Boom” Classic DJ set

Swinging acid techno.

Sublight: “Deep Resonance Techno” Classic DJ set

Release your inner weirdness.

Sublight: “Very Funky Weird New” Classic DJ set

It gets weirder. A fusion of many styles and genres.

Sublight: “Livid Short Red Feeling” Classic DJ set

A quick jump-up junglist strike.

Sublight: “Oyster Dub Monk” Classic DJ set

I was getting into a lot of hip hop, and I’d be crate digging at Rotate, Peter Dunn’s Vinyl Museum, Dr. Disc in Hamilton (and even London), and of course the obligatory visits to Play De Record and Traxx (before it closed). Even Record Peddler [RIP] was a great source for hip hop for a while there. Anyhow, it came down to experimenting with beats and textures and cuts and so on. Which at first sounded a bit dodgy, but eventually became a solid adjunct to my jump-up and jungle sets.Trainspotters will also notice the genesis of a new name, which would not be used for another decade or so.