Category: Music

Discovery Circle – Out Where The Buses Don’t Run

Miami Vice ambient.

Sublight – Simulated Distance 7

Children playing in Hyde Park, London. Recorded in 2005.

Sublight – Simulated Distance 8

Featuring Roger, a fiery, righteous street preacher. Recorded in London, February 2005.

Sublight – Simulated Distance 5

The rain in Spain falls mainly on Málaga. Field recordings from February 2005 in southern Spain.

Sublight – Simulated Distance 6

Once from the vaults made new. A field recording from the medina in Fez, Morocco from 2005.

Tom Golder – Patch 18 (Beats Mix)

Adding drums, and confusion, to the mix.

Tom Golder – Patch 17

Soundscape escape.

Tom Golder feat. AiR – BluSky

I remember the sky.

Tom Golder – iuvenis

The youth of a new season. A promise of regeneration. The remembrance of ages. All hardware original. The band: TR-909, TT-303, Alpha Juno, Prophet 6, MS2000

Tom Golder – Patch 18

Something strange in the air tonight.