Tag: acid

Sublight: “We be Jackin” DJ set

The spectrum of acid house, all the way from jackin beats to way out space music.


Sublight: “Missing Medication” DJ set

The doctor is calling, and he’s not in.

Sublight: “Late Nights, Early Morning” DJ set

In case anyone feels like going deep down the rabbit hole tonight, try this. (tasting note: the rabbit is enjoying an unusual combination of PCP and acid)


Sublight: “That Ass!” DJ set

Let’s get you shaking that ass tonight – here’s a set of acid-electro-tinged bassmusic for some motivation.

Sublight: “Clean Acid” DJ set

Drop. (the beats)

Sublight: “Halloweed” DJ set

It’s not quite Halloween, but it is late at night, and some of you may find this mentally enhancing and/or challenging. Treat or Trick?

Sublight: “Emmaus Firestorm” DJ set

The third and final piece of the Cruci-Fiction trilogy finds us back in acidland with a lot of Walker/Khan-esque fungal & slow acid – a salute to Cologne before we move on into dubstep territory and then back to the acid techno. Enjoy.

Sublight: “29th Heaven” DJ set

Uplifting funky morning breaks, off the rails to acid town.

Sublight: “Short-funked Tekno” Classic DJ set

Bouncing hard-edged acid techno from Missile Records, Harthouse and other key labels of the mid 90’s.

Sublight: “Ain’t nothin’ but a caustic acid trip, baby” Classic DJ set

Very much inspired by the dripping sound of Cologne acid techno.