Tag: breakbeat

Sublight: “I Busted Your Ho” DJ set

Alright now, here’s a mix of b-boy breaks and hip hop that will keep your ass moving this night. Enjoy.

Sublight: “After a difficult evening” DJ set

The morning after a closing late show.

Sublight: “U2 Can Be Special” DJ set

Feels like its time for some later night breakbeat & techno action – this one’s a bit older, and borrows liberally from some of the skits off an excellent Evil 9 album. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Opium Knight” DJ set

It’s interesting that some things go full circle. What’s passing for dubstep can include garage or even breakbeat, or is it the other way around…?

Sublight: “Is dis for Real?” DJ set

This one goes BOOM.

Sublight: “Nostealgic” DJ set

Some 80’s and 90’s tracks mashed together with some breaks and such. Somewhere between nostalgia and stealing.

Sublight: “Do You Realize??” DJ set

Here’s a set that wraps up some of the most lovely (and deep) tracks of the prior decade (and a bit) and then pushes forward into the funky, heavy future we all deserve. It’s hard not to love The Flaming Lips, and it’s especially hard not to love anyone with the surname Hardkiss, so this (Scott) Hardkiss remix of “Do You Realize??” leads the cavalcade of love, followed by a massive stack of quality releases that have moved us all – or if you’re new to this – will move you now (ass or soul – your call which gets the most exercise). Enjoy.

Sublight: “Sleep Deprived” DJ set

When you don’t sleep much, strange things can happen, as can happy accidents. This one, while not technically tight, makes up for it in fun. Journey and A-Trak mashup? Yes please! Enjoy some breakbeats…

Sublight: “Hexmass” DJ set

Since it’s a mildly absurd hour of the evening, here’s something with a late night vibe. Ironically, this was made as a Christmas gift, but it may sound better on a late, hot summer’s night? Enjoy.

PS: An extra special shout out to Orlesko, who recently provided a valuable reminder of the power and beauty of minimal – cheers mate!

Sublight: “Full Circle Closed” DJ set

Coming out of a darker place into euphoria.