Tag: DnB

Sublight: “Dread” DJ set

Legendary Junglist Ray Keith has set down a heavy footprint in the pantheon of drum & bass. Here’s a tribute set that captures some key moments in his evolution. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Joker” DJ set

Bizzy B & Pugwash’s Joker label, a series of high-energy jump-up tunes that kept the late night jungle sets hot. Here’s a short sample of goodness.

Sublight: “Accidental Jump-up” DJ set

Jump-up jungle, especially from the Joker label, and some ragga business to boot.

Sublight: “Flowers for Ashley” DJ set

A little something for a girl that loved drum & bass and breaks.

Sublight: “White Powder Envelope” DJ set

Which powder, which substance, which substitute, which purpose?

Sublight: “Dirt Cycle” DJ set

One of the more diverse sets in my back-catalogue. This one circles the map more than a few times and brings in some unusual spoken word content.

Sublight: “Dark Ting” DJ set

Not that we’re in a particularly brooding mood at StylusNation HQ tonight or anything, but it just seems like one of those days when a nice trio of heavy sets seems like the perfect fix to get the evening into full swing. Here’s some faster, darker bizness for the junglists. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Ill Millennium: Gone” Classic DJ set

A live set from New Year’s eve 2000 in Toronto – the second hour of this 90’s jungle/DnB retrospective focuses on the second half of the decade.

Sublight: “Ill Millennium: Driven” Classic DJ set

A live set from New Year’s Eve 2000 in Toronto – this first hour was a celebration of classic jungle tunes from the first half of the 90’s

Sublight: “Distance” Classic DJ set

A 1999 DJ set from the foggy grey of a Vancouver fall. Enveloped by clouds and soft musical comfort…