Tag: downtempo

Sublight: “If Thoughts Were Angels” DJ set

Here’s some thinking-space music for you this morning. It also has its beautiful moments. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Inner Reason” DJ set

A melange of 80’s, downtempo, 90’s, 70’s and who knows what. The common thread is emotional meaning.

Sublight: “Dirt Cycle” DJ set

One of the more diverse sets in my back-catalogue. This one circles the map more than a few times and brings in some unusual spoken word content.

Sublight: “Odd Dough” DJ set

Funky business.

Sublight: “Chill Minutes” DJ set

A bouncy interlude.

Sublight: “Trip Hop Minutes” DJ set

Cutting & scratching until it hurts.

Sublight: “Logopolis” DJ set

For those of you who know Doctor Who, this might make sense (up to the 101 Dalmations and whale song bits anyhow…). Recorded on 3 turntables, a VCR and two CDJ’s.

Sublight: “Bubble Dubs & Scrapes” Classic DJ set

Jungle records played at 33 instead of 45rpm create deep, dubby breaks that I could never resist. A technique I learned first from Nat [RIP] way back in ’94.

Sublight: “Phattest Breaks in Dub” Classic DJ set

Jungle records played at 33 instead of 45, and a mix of other curiosities.

Sublight: “Trip vs. Hop” Classic DJ set

Experimental vibes from all the way back to music concrete to all the way forward to 90’s ambient. Sunday recovery music, as your mind wanders back from madness to the source.