Tag: dubstep

Sublight: “Sybaritic Imperative” DJ set

Enjoy this voyage of deep lows and crisp highs with some laid back future bass music. If The Hunt for Red October were a gothic horror film, this would be its new soundtrack.

Sublight: “Detachment” DJ set

Moving away from the things which you knew. Detachment.

Dub Monk: Ganjafication I.V DJ set

Dub vibes from the man in the robe.

Dub Monk: “Damnation I” DJ set

Let us make your grim night better with this hellaciously dark, hard set of dubstep.

Sublight: “Embryonic Introspection” DJ set

Mellow beats, deep energy. Let it flow.

Sublight: “Stormy Weather Underground” DJ set

Burrowing under the dirt, trying to escape the grey clouds, dam rain and thunder – but there is no respite. Under the soil, deep sounds permeate your being, there is Stormy Weather Underground.

Sublight: “Subterran Movement” DJ set

A dirty underground wander through eclectic genres of deep, dark, and sin-inspiring bass music. With a dash of techno, for those who like it blunt.

Sublight: “Soundtrack for a Manic Depressive” DJ set

For a grey day’s introspection. Some deep, deep techno, and subterranean bass music to get lost and found in. Arguably the best StylusNation set we’ve had the fortune to send your way this year – listen to it in the dark.

Dub Monk: “Ganjafication I” DJ set

Lots of dub and a little bit of step. Love and Light!

Dub Monk: “Exaltation V” DJ set

Did you get all your anger management sorted out today? Nah? Us neither, but this will help. The Dub Monk dishes out an hour of angry bassbin-punishing dubstep. Ditch your therapist and just crank this one.