Tag: experimental

Tom Golder – Patch 2

The chav school bell. From hell. All modular hardware setup; no edits.

Tom Golder – Patch 1

The ice cream van from hell. Performed live on a eurorack modular synthesizer.

Discovery Circle – Dataflow

Improvisational ambient sound. All hardware, no edits.

Discovery Circle – Schlafzeug

A hardware expedition into the mindscape.

Tom Golder – 727 ’69 Shuffle

See what happens when everyone’s favourite Latin drum machine slowly goes bonkers, thanks to pedals and bad neighbours.

Tom Golder – Reported Lost in the South Sea

Pedals & Hardware adrift.

The Dub Monk: “Dubnation I” DJ Set

Travels east and west, north and south. The Dub Monk hits the deepest points on the compass.

Tom Golder: “Agujero Negro”

Dark noise techno. Transmission Received.

Discovery Circle: “Rundfunk Zwei”

Yet more radio waves in the air…

Discovery Circle: “Rundfunk Eins”

Radio waves on the air…