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Sublight – Live @ Marty Party 2015: Where’s Marty?

Live, all-original, all-hardware set, performed Friday July 3rd at Marty Party, Calgary. It has been over ten years since I first started playing this staple of an annual party. Back then it was a couple of bands, a handful of people and this one lonely DJ. Now after years of playing records and watching this event grow and thrive, I’m pleased to be able to have opened the party with a live set I created and performed myself. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Summer Souls” DJ set

Deep heat, soulful machines.

Ghost Transmissions March 2015 podcast: Orlesko

This month we have a special treat for you! Guest curating the podcast is our favourite vinyl storyteller, the magical Orlesko. Weaving two hours of eclectic styles and sounds into one amazing tale, this is a journey you won’t want to miss! You can check out Orlesko’s brilliant back catalogue at www.mixcloud.com/orlesko/

Sublight: “A History in (Echocord) Colour” DJ set

An exploration of the deep, dubby wonder that is the Echocord Colour label, from past to present.

Sublight: “Escape Artist” DJ set

An escape into minimal rhythms and deep bass chasms…

Sublight: “A Love Letter” DJ set

A heart poured into vinyl.

Sublight: “Breathwork Suite” original music

Original music composed for the Hearts Awakening Sanctuary’s February 23, 2014 Breathwork workshop. Each track focuses on the note which activates the corresponding chakra. Peace and Love.


Sublight: “Truly, Madly, Deeply” DJ set

Melody is fleeting, but fitting.


Sublight: “Out with the Old, and In with the Out” DJ set

4 Hours, countless directions, melting the stack of my remaining 2013 vinyl purchases down into a puddle of joy in your ears. Happy 2014.


Sublight: “Winter Sun” DJ set

A ball of fire low on the horizon, gleaming like a jewel. Sometimes fading, sometimes blinding; our only link to the memory of summer past and the promise of one yet to come.