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Sublight: “Auld-Skool Hardcore” Classic DJ set

A trip to Ottawa to play the Delight Valentine’s Day party.

Sublight: “Remember Jungles of Beauty” Classic DJ set

Return to the jungle source.

Sublight: “Sound of the Underground” Classic DJ set

Classics from the happy dawn of rave.

Sublight: “Ottawa Party Breakbeat” Classic DJ set

A flashback to the oldskool breaks we’d listen to in the mornings after coming home (and down) from raves in the early 90’s.

Sublight: “See you back then” Classic DJ set

Brash breakbeat time travel.

Sublight: “Wikkid Oldskool Breakbeat” Classic DJ set

1997 was the year Hullabaloo landed in Toronto, and with it a resurgence in all things oldskool. Breaks, jungle, hardcore, happy hardcore, it all came back, with a liberal amount of the newest vibes and styles as well. This set harkens back to the very early days of breakbeat, with a great focus on the happy aspects – pianos, classic breaks, vocals and rhymes, and hand-in-the-air vibes. I happened into a residency at Hullabaloo, thanks to a friend, and kept paying their parties until I left Toronto in late 1999.

Sublight: “Hardcore Jungle Tekno” Classic DJ set

A return to the hardcore jungle of the early 90’s

Sublight: “Canoe-core” Classic DJ set

The soundtrack to a magical mystery camping adventure. Side B.

Sublight: “Don Gorgon camping Massive” Classic DJ set

The soundtrack to a magical mystery camping adventure. Side A.

Sublight: “Oldskool Florida Trip” Classic DJ set

In 1996 I spent a few weeks down in Florida, managing to get in some pretty decent record shopping in Orlando. Here’s what I found.