Category: DJ Sets

Sublight: “Happy Hardcore Minutes” DJ set

The real deal – happy hardcore from the early 90’s, lots of jungle breaks, less cheese.

Sublight: “Logopolis” DJ set

For those of you who know Doctor Who, this might make sense (up to the 101 Dalmations and whale song bits anyhow…). Recorded on 3 turntables, a VCR and two CDJ’s.

Sublight: “Hip Hop Minutes” DJ set

A classic routine.

Sublight: “Da Flex” DJ set

A run through the Flex Records & Little Rollers discography.

Sublight: “Weird-ass Bass” DJ set

Old & new breaks.

Sublight: “Live as One” DJ set

The jungle version of spelunking in an easy chair. It’s all in your mind.

Sublight: “Hardcore Minutes” DJ set

Oldskool breakbeat hardcore & happy hardcore.

Sublight: “Dark Ting” DJ set

Not that we’re in a particularly brooding mood at StylusNation HQ tonight or anything, but it just seems like one of those days when a nice trio of heavy sets seems like the perfect fix to get the evening into full swing. Here’s some faster, darker bizness for the junglists. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Criminal” DJ set

A run-though the ages of jungle.