Tag: downtempo

Sublight: “Live @ Narcottage (Side D)” Classic DJ set

Every year we went to the Narcottage for the Victoria Day long weekend. Eventually it became elaborate: generator, full sound system, plenty of DJ’s and a full on party atmosphere. In the middle of this long run of epic events, I managed to play a record-breaking 19.5h set, and capture much of it on tape.

Sublight: “Yabba-dub-a-do” Classic DJ set

One more classic chillout set for you – this one has, you guessed it, a dub flavour, but moves all over the lo-beat space. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Don’t Fuck with the Funk” Classic DJ set

Some more classic chillout. This one traverses downtempo, ambient and gets just a wee bit experimental. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Ethereal Ambience” Classic DJ set

Comedown tracks for blurry post-rave mornings.