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Dub Monk: “Meditation II” DJ set

Here’s the second one from the Dub Monk, more deep dubstep and meaty minimal. This one goes out to friend of  StylusNation Keenan Kappel for helping us launch Stylusnation on Facebook yesterday – thanks brother!

Dub Monk: “Meditation I” DJ set

We’re very fortunate to have the first DJ set from the Dub Monk to share with you – we’ve been listening to this in the car since we got it from him earlier this week, and it nearly rattled the thing apart.

Sublight: Bassbus launch party DJ set

Here is the Sublight set from the launch party night. This one is dedicated to our good friend Nat, a beautiful human being who touched our hearts with her love, caring and music.  Every day she reached for the stars. Now she is among them. Rest in Peace.

Sublight: “Bring the Wave” DJ set

A minimal affair hedging between techno & house and throwing in broken beats of various tempos for a leisurely close. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Da Heater” DJ set

Here’s another Sublight set that clocks in at nearly two hours. Plenty of action up front, some wicked dubstep in the middle and a move back uptempo for the close. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Objects Coming to Rest” DJ set

A mix that features bass music of many flavours, starting uptempo, and eventually moving to the half-step. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Death Dub” DJ set

Keeping it cheery tonight, here’s some dark-ass dubstep. Cheers.

Sublight: “Minimal Flux” DJ set

A lazy journey through some relatively minimal territory, followed up with some (now) classic dubstep. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Emmaus Firestorm” DJ set

The third and final piece of the Cruci-Fiction trilogy finds us back in acidland with a lot of Walker/Khan-esque fungal & slow acid – a salute to Cologne before we move on into dubstep territory and then back to the acid techno. Enjoy.