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Dub Monk: “Meditation III” DJ set

We’re a man down since Sublight is out injured from the weekend, but here’s a new Dub Monk set that continues showcasing the deeper side of dubstep. We’ll be posting some new content towards the weekend.

Dub Monk: “Meditation II” DJ set

Here’s the second one from the Dub Monk, more deep dubstep and meaty minimal. This one goes out to friend of  StylusNation Keenan Kappel for helping us launch Stylusnation on Facebook yesterday – thanks brother!

Sublight: “Bring the Wave” DJ set

A minimal affair hedging between techno & house and throwing in broken beats of various tempos for a leisurely close. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Adventures in Warehouse” DJ set

After a while, trying to identify every micro-genre of the moment becomes very annoying, so we’re going to side with iDJ mag on this and suggest that it’s a lot easier to just go back to basics, and to co-opt their use of the term Warehouse to describe anything in the 120-140BPM range that isn’t dubstep. 😉

Music doesn’t stop at boundaries of definition or philosophy, it is intended to be inclusive, hybridized and evolving. So instead of trying to desperately create nomenclatures for all of it, let’s just play it, let it mingle and mutate and not have to worry about defining the amorphous or the beautiful. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Minimal Flux” DJ set

A lazy journey through some relatively minimal territory, followed up with some (now) classic dubstep. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Downplayed” DJ set

A late night highway between Berlin and Montreal.

Sublight: “Wrecked Capitalism” DJ set

A friend tells us that mercury is in retrograde, which would make this set completely appropriate. Actually, that could be a completely idiotic assertion, but we’ll let you decide. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Hexmass” DJ set

Since it’s a mildly absurd hour of the evening, here’s something with a late night vibe. Ironically, this was made as a Christmas gift, but it may sound better on a late, hot summer’s night? Enjoy.

PS: An extra special shout out to Orlesko, who recently provided a valuable reminder of the power and beauty of minimal – cheers mate!