Sublight: “Docile and Peaceful” Classic DJ set

The warm soundtrack to a cold Ottawa winter of 1994. The A-side of the tape.

Sublight: “Ritual Gabber” Classic DJ set

A set recorded prior to undoubtedly the best rave Ottawa ever saw, Ritual.

Sublight: “Vibe” Classic DJ set

It’s time for another warm set that is the musical equivalent of comfort food. This old ’94 set always puts a smile on my face – hopefully you as well.

Sublight: “Take a Step Back…” Classic DJ set

How it all began for Sublight. The first side of the first mixtape. A transition from a guy fade-mixing industrial music in dodgy goth clubs to a multi-decade long addiction to playing electronic music.

Sublight: “…to Advance” Classic DJ set

The second side of the first tape. A transition from my industrial years to techno and hardcore.

Sublight: “Original Hardcore Set” Classic DJ set

The first of the pure hardcore sets, the result of stumbling onto a treasure trove of Rotterdam Records’ releases.

Sublight: “Krak Baby Session Mix” Classic DJ set

Trying to learn how to mix, all the way back in 1994, with a relatively small but heavy music collection. Noel, affectionately known as the Krak Baby, provided much of the early inspiration.