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Sublight: “Krakhaus Ambient Vibes” Classic DJ set

The Krakhaus is my & Kensho’s old place in Ottawa. There were some memorable chillout sets played at our legendary multi-day parties when the dancing was done for the night and the sun was on its way up…  Have a happy and fulfilling week.

Sublight: “Don’t Fuck with the Funk” Classic DJ set

Some more classic chillout. This one traverses downtempo, ambient and gets just a wee bit experimental. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Ethereal Ambience” Classic DJ set

Comedown tracks for blurry post-rave mornings.

Sublight: “Subsonic Dub Craft” Classic DJ set

A deep, dark voyage into side-projects of Front Line Assembly.

Sublight: “Thee Beauty ov Destruction” Classic DJ set

Thee light at thee end ov thee tunnel? For the moment.

Sublight: “Thee Architecture ov Doom” Classic DJ set

At the end of 1994, all that intensity took it’s emotional toll.

Sublight: “Deep Currents” Classic DJ set

The sets of this era are split between dark and light, happy and sad. This was a time of extreme consciousness opening for me, musically and in general, and the schism between opposites is a reflection of the imbalance that exploration was taking.

Sublight: “Peace” Classic DJ set

A very early Sublight set, this b-side of the third mixtape, is filled with ambient gems that feel like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day. Featuring many of the artists associated with Warp’s early 90’s Artificial Intelligence movement of experimental ambient & techno music.

Sublight: “Happy and Fulfilled” Classic DJ set

The warm soundtrack to a cold Ottawa winter of 1994. The B-side of the tape.

Sublight: “Docile and Peaceful” Classic DJ set

The warm soundtrack to a cold Ottawa winter of 1994. The A-side of the tape.