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Sublight: “Live @ Narcottage (Side C)” Classic DJ set

Every year we went to the Narcottage for the Victoria Day long weekend. Eventually it became elaborate: generator, full sound system, plenty of DJ’s and a full on party atmosphere. In the middle of this long run of epic events, I managed to play a record-breaking 19.5h set, and capture much of it on tape.

Sublight: “Jungle Automatic” Classic DJ set

The deeper side of mid-90’s jungle.

Sublight: “Junglist Muzak” Classic DJ set

1995 was an amazing year. Toronto in 1995 was the biggest place for Jungle in the Americas and arguably the world, next to the UK of course. With crews like Delirium and Syrous ripping up the place with huge parties, it was a non-stop barrage of ragga licks and rewinds.This mix was recorded in Toronto on the 17th of October 1995 on two home CD players and a Radio Shack mixer because I was still too poor to afford two turntables and more than a handful of records. Jungle is eternal music of the soul, of the body and of the mind. It is playful, deep, warm, beautiful, energizing and connecting. 1995 was the apex of the Jungle (r)evolution, and a time of pure happiness. So here is a slice of history, a moment of pure joy and divine vibration.

Sublight: “Jungle Drum” Classic DJ set

Back to the early days of jungle and some of the sweetest classics…

Sublight: “Junglism” Classic DJ set

An early foray into the broken beat.