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Heading into April with some acid; new music from all our favourite labels as well as some underground caustic classics from a long time ago. Take a tab and settle down for a couple of hours. As always, this trip is brought to you on vinyl.

  1. Harrison E. Salisbury – Behind The Lines [CMS Records Inc.]
  2. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Surrender The Squarewave [STEP]
  3. Justin Cudmore – New Jack The House [The Bunker New York]
  4. Armando – Downfall [Trax]
  5. Spicelab – Re:Break [Harthouse]
  6. Fiedel – S-Drive [Ostgut Ton]
  7. Orion – Afterlife [GKNSTR]
  8. Shed – Call 32075! [Monkeytown]
  9. Luciano Lamanna – In Un Vortice [Stratosphera Records]
  10. Idealist – Nucleus [Echocord]
  11. Resoe – Ecto [Echocord Colour]
  12. J Cjoirboy – Full Effect [Rough Grade]
  13. Deadbeat – Grounation (Berghain Drum Jack) [BLKRTZ]
  14. Via Maris – Swarm [Dnuos Ytivil]
  15. Batu – Murmur [Timedance]
  16. Simo Cell – Away From Keyboard [Livity Sound]
  17. Beneath – Lifted [No Symbols]
  18. BNJMN – Hadal Zone [Tresor]
  19. Turinn – Frank White [Modern Love]
  20. Pessimist – Orphic [A14]
  21. Sigha – Morning Star [Token]
  22. Frankie Bones – I Want The People To Know [Musique Pour La Danse]
  23. Thomas Bangalter – Untitled [not on label]
  24. Jack Frost – Shout [Trax]
  25. Fresh Tunes – Do You Know What I Mean? [SPG Music]
  26. Bobby Kondors – Nervous Acid [Massive B]
  27. Frankie Bones – Underground Bounce [Musique Pour La Danse]
  28. Irresistible Force – Waveform [Astralwerks]

Sublight @ Airspace BLACK DOT DJ set

Live all-vinyl set performed at Airspace Presents: BLACK DOT, April 25th in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Sublight: “Happy Days” DJ set

A smiley voyage back through acid house, electro and hip-house classics of the 80’s and early 90’s. Acieeeeed!

Sublight: “A House Made of Stoned” DJ set

An extended vinyl journey into the minds of House and his friends.

Sublight: “Dirty Carpet” DJ Set

Some jackin new house bizness for your deepening pleasure…

Sublight: “Drama King” DJ set

Dirty but delicate drama-house. Melodies and melodrama all at once.

Sublight: “Half Past Acid” DJ set

Enjoy a chill tab and take a load off.

Sublight: “Waiter, there’s some Acid in my House!” DJ set

Set your clocks back to Acieeeed time! It’s all about the acid house revolution for this next hour – starting in the late 80’s with those classics from Chicago’s own Trax Records, pressed on recycled vinyl they always were a bit dodgy… Then to Europe where some of the EBM movement was co-opting the acid sound, and the UK, where breakbeat was bouncing to the sounds of the 303 and the 909, and even industrial stalwarts like Psychic TV were producing joyful acid choons. Enjoy a tab on me!

Sublight: “Anti-Alkaline Alliance” DJ set

Teeming with acid and bass, from deep recesses to high cracks.

Sublight: “Free to get Based” DJ set

Slowly sinking into the soft velvet of your dirty mind.