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Fax n’ Friends 8 – Tetsu Inoue

Over 2 hours of blissful ambient – one track from each release Tetsu Inoue created or collaborated on Pete Namlok’s Fax +49-69/450464 label.


For the start of our fourth year of Ghost Transmissions, a reflective winter’s dream. All vinyl as always.

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #36 – Sleep in Heavenly Pieces

Amazingly, it’s already the end of our third year of transmissions. We hope the music has given you moments of pleasure, and perhaps even the odd bit of inspiration. As always, here’s another session of all-vinyl immersion, with track listings below. Enjoy & see you in 2018.

  1. Vatican Shadow – Interrogation Music [Hospital Productions]
  2. Ploy – Footprints in Solid Rock (Beatrice Dillon Remix) [Timedance]
  3. Forest Drive West – Escape [Livity Sound]
  4. Ninos Du Brasil – O Vento Chama Seu Nome [Hospital Productions]
  5. Ninos Du Brasil – No Meio Da Noite [Hospital Productions]
  6. Pessimist – Grit [Blackest Ever Black]
  7. JK Flesh – Bromford Bridge Estate [Hospital Productions]
  8. Pinch & Mumdance – Control [Techtonic]
  9. AnD – Artificial Intelligence [Electric Deluxe]
  10. Ambient Black Magic – Chile’s Crimson Tide [Hospital Productions]
  11. Tripeo – Untitled #16 [Tripeo]
  12. Neel – Bassiani [Token]
  13. Skudge – Below (Brawther Steroids Remix) [Skudge]
  14. Phon.O – CLU5T3R [Cold Recordings]
  15. BNJMN – Ghost Faction [Tresor]

Discovery Circle – d67

Live all-hardware drone ambient recording, featuring Roland SH-32 and various guitar effect pedals.

Tom Golder – Patch 20

Deep Dream Ambient. Performed and recorded live on Eurorack modular synth.


Take a voyage of discovery across a deeply felt landscape of rumination, ruin and rebirth. All spun into existence on vinyl.

  1. Oli XL – Heretic [PAN]
  2. K-Lone – Woniso [Wisdom Teeth}
  3. Dark Sky – Domes [Monkeytown Records]
  4. Autechre – Kalpolintrol [Warp]
  5. Autechre – Bike [Warp]
  6. Kowton – Pea Soup [Livity Sound]
  7. L.SAE – The West End As It Will Be [Timedance]
  8. Basic Rhythm – Suburban Bass (4 Da R) [Type Recordings]
  9. Special Request – Redrum [Houndstooth]
  10. Pessimist – Peter Hitchens [Blackest Ever Black]
  11. Surgeon – Convenience Trap pt.4 [Dynamic Tension]
  12. SØS Gunver Ryberg/Aïsha Devi/Rrose/Paula Temple – Dr2-2 [Noise Manifesto]
  13. Cirkle – Kachira’s Cave [Deep Sea Mining Syndicate]
  14. Tomas Kunkel – Requirements [GKNSTR]
  15. TNT – Beat Track 2 (edit) [Running Back]
  16. Dr. Derelict – That Shit’s Wild [Trax]
  17. Elll – Pegasus [Art For Blind]
  18. Mumdance & Logos – Move Your Body (Perc & Truss Remix) [Tectonic]
  19. Peverelist – Undulate [Livity Sound]
  20. Fluxion – Hordes Descent [Subwax BCN]
  21. Anna – Second Mistake [PAN]
  22. Kailin – Voyeaur [Mistry]
  23. Housebound Demigod – Packhorse [Modern Love]
  24. Ossia – Red X [Blackest Ever Black]
  25. Naaaahhh – My Theme [Blackest Ever Black]

Discovery Circle – Free Like A Bird (RIP Leonard Cohen)

One last song for a poet whose music enriched my life and my heart. Rest in Peace Leonard Cohen.

Discovery Circle – Miriam’s Choice

Live modular jam. An endpoint.

Discovery Circle – Primalize

Awakening music. Made with hardware and love.

Tom Golder & Sunrise Awakening: Miriam’s Walk

An all-modular one and a half hour voyage through the mind. Recorded live, no edits.