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Sublight – Stairwell (live)

Original live hardware performance on #Elektron Analog RYTM and Analog Four. Conceived for Freezer Burn 2015.

Discovery Circle – Dataflow

Improvisational ambient sound. All hardware, no edits.

Sublight – Breathwork Suite 2.3 – Solar Plexus Chakra

The latest in a series designed for breathwork and mindful meditation.

Sublight – Breathwork Suite 2.2 – Sacral Chakra

Music for breathwork, meditation and peace.


Discovery Circle: “Rundfunk Zwei”

Yet more radio waves in the air…

Discovery Circle: “Rundfunk Eins”

Radio waves on the air…

Sublight: “Breathwork 2.1 – Root Chakra”

Time for a new series of chillout tracks. Music for breathwork, meditation and peace.

Ghost Transmissions February 2015 podcast

Welcome to the monthly StylusNation Ghost Transmissions podcast for February 2015, delving deep into underground Techno and Bass Music. This month we start in more straight-ahead dancefloor territory, cast our ears on (sadly) the last of the Falkplatz releases, swing into a bit of the bass spectrum, get really deep, dirty, with a few tabs of acid on the home stretch, and a soulful clean finish. Track listings below – Enjoy!

1. Newworldaquarium – Thousand Oaks [Ostgut Ton]

2. Boska – High Heels [Studio Barnhus]

3. Alli Borem – Children of the Heart [Turbo]

4. Oliver Deutschmann – Michigan [Falkplatz Limitiert]

5. Re.You feat. Lazarusman – Vivid [Mobilee]

6. Alex Coulton – Equililibrium [Tempa]

7. Acre – Ping [Tectonic]

8. Bass Kittens & Single Cell Orchestra – Morgasm [Spacebar Sentiments]

9. Paul Blackford – Dub Science [Prat Records]

10. Makaton – Dstabilise [Token]

11. Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern (Dub) [Token]

12. Voices from the Lake – Sentiero [The Bunker New York]

13. Mirror – Trialone [Blank Mind]

14. Killing Sound – $ixxx Harmonie$ Version [Blackest Ever Black]

15. Dollz at Play – Oscura Wand in Paris [Wagon Repair]

16. Pan-Pot & Vincenzo – Fiction Inc [Watergate Records]

17. The Oliverwho Factory – Take it Slow [Ostgut Ton]

18. Djedjotronic – LSD [Boysnoize Records]

19. Laurent Garnier – D.S.K. [50 Weapons]

20. TM404 – Ununge [Skudge]

21. Barnt – Under his own name but also as Sir [Hinge Finger]

22. Yourhighness – Death Before Surrender [Born Free]

23. MFO – Oman Jazz [Dekmantel]

24. Russian Fag Movement – Cruisin’ Sochi [GKNSTR]

25. FJAAK – Plan A [50 Weapons]

26. Steve Bug – A Shot in the Dark (Taylor ‘Trapped in 92’ Remix) [Poker Flat]

27. Lee Gamble – Girl Drop [Pan]

Discovery Circle: “Herbst Ton” Live Ambient Performance

Sublight: “BiPolaroid” DJ set

Vinyl voyages between soft, sunny afternoons, to secret dim places before dawn. Seeking balance, but finding contrast.