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Aug 17 2017


A mantle of smoke and heat, hanging over the city, obscuring the senses. All-vinyl set, recorded live on a smokey hot evening in the city. Track listings below.

  1. Ron Jacobs – Listening to Music [Elektra]
  2. Duckett – Ghosts of African Women [Wisdom Teeth]
  3. Golesworthy – Sure Shot [Banoffee Pies]
  4. Thorsteinssøn – One [Horse on Horse]
  5. Lady Blacktronika – Can We Still Be Friends? [Dimensions Recordings]
  6. Kerem Akdag – Getdownsoclose [Dimensions Recordings]
  7. London Modular Alliance – Crosstalk [Dimensions Recordings]
  8. S:VT – Can’t Stop (John Osborn remix) [Dred Records]
  9. EQD – Untitled [Equalized]
  10. Inland – Tseriteli [Counterchange]
  11. Vatican Shadow – Weapons Inspection [Ostgut Ton]
  12. Kenji Kawai – Making of a Cyborg [WRWTFWW]

Jun 30 2017

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #30 – Codeine & Gauze

An hour of the latest laid back deep and melodic house music, played only on vinyl.

  1. Neozaïre – Blue Bell Treasure (Synkro Remix) [Fauxpas Musik]
  2. Peverelist – Under Clearing Skies [Livity Sound]
  3. Ivan Latyshev – Art of Flying [Dessous Recordings]
  4. Telephones – U DTMF Party Jungel (DJ Fett Burger’s Understated Moss Phlox Mix) [Running Back]
  5. Unknown Artist – Untitled [Mask]
  6. Presk – Starets [SOHASO / Mary Go Wild]
  7. Erdbeerschnitzel With Level Hopes [Delsin]
  8. Richard Fearless – Sweet Venus [Drone]
  9. Locked Groove – Dawn [Speicher]
  10. wAFF – Inception [Desolat]
  11. Neozaïre – Blue Bell Treasure [Fauxpas Musik]

Sep 26 2016

Tom Golder – Equinox to Equinox [DJ set]

Music for a changing of the seasons. All vinyl live recording.

Dec 14 2015

Sublight – Depthcharj (live)

Classic & Deep House vibes – recorded live on an all-hardware rig.

Jul 03 2015

Sublight – Live @ Marty Party 2015: Where’s Marty?

Live, all-original, all-hardware set, performed Friday July 3rd at Marty Party, Calgary. It has been over ten years since I first started playing this staple of an annual party. Back then it was a couple of bands, a handful of people and this one lonely DJ. Now after years of playing records and watching this event grow and thrive, I’m pleased to be able to have opened the party with a live set I created and performed myself. Enjoy.

May 08 2015

Sublight @ FUNDHY Festival DJ sets

A set in three parts, recorded at the Fundamentally Human Festival at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta on Friday the 8th of May, 2015.

Mar 22 2015

Sublight: “Brunch Chez Shake” DJ set

A Birthday set for the very lovely Shake – so much inspiration and love comes from this beautiful lady – we are all fortunate to have her sunlight shine on us!

Dec 20 2014

Sublight: “Brand Finale” DJ set

The last of the Sublight DJ sets.

Aug 11 2014

Sublight: “A Love Letter” DJ set

A heart poured into vinyl.

Jul 02 2014

Sublight: “Acapulco Gold” DJ set

A selection of gently sun-drenched house music. All Vinyl. All Live. All the time.

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