Tag: deep house

Sublight: “Acapulco Gold” DJ set

A selection of gently sun-drenched house music. All Vinyl. All Live. All the time.

Sublight: “Let’s get Fucked Up” DJ set

Do what makes you happy.

Sublight: “Out with the Old, and In with the Out” DJ set

4 Hours, countless directions, melting the stack of my remaining 2013 vinyl purchases down into a puddle of joy in your ears. Happy 2014.

Sublight: “Days of the Deep Dancer” DJ set

Slow motion deep dancing and fathomless love. Wrapped in the night, the embrace holding you close.

Sublight: “A House Made of Stoned” DJ set

An extended vinyl journey into the minds of House and his friends.

Sublight: “Balls Deep” DJ Set

Heading deeper inside the house.

Sublight: “Drama King” DJ set

Dirty but delicate drama-house. Melodies and melodrama all at once.

Sublight: “Somebody Else’s House” DJ set

More soulful than usual, but it ain’t no thang.

Sublight: “Sunset at Seven” DJ set

Live straight from the Marty Party – the sunset set: some beautiful house to shake that ass to.