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Sublight: “20 Years of Sublight” DJ set compilation

At the conclusion of his DJ career, a journey through 20 years of Sublight’s favourite mixes. Thanks to all of you for listening, for support, inspiration and many wonderful memories.



Sublight: “Working Liquid III” DJ set

More mellow liquid to keep the weekend working. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Working Liquid II” DJ set

The heat and sun keep coming & so does the liquid.Enjoy.

Sublight: “Working Liquid” DJ set

Some lovely liquid DnB to ease you into the day. Have fun out there.

Sublight: “Caustic Rip” DJ set

A ripping drum & bass set made slightly hotter by the wrong gain settings in my new studio setup. Feel the burn.

Sublight: “The Dstroyer” DJ set

My my, this is some snarly drum & bass… For the one like @dstroyerdotca of course!

Sublight: “Remedy for a Terrible Day” DJ set

A very good friend had a very bad day, so here comes a big happy slice of liquid d&b. Peace.


Sublight: “Floating in my High Chair” DJ set

Drum & Haze.

Sublight: “31 Flavours” DJ set

A blazing summer set from 2005 that got rinsed out quite a lot. This goes out to our good friends at Bassbus who may well remember it. Enjoy!

Sublight: “Golgotha Aflame” DJ set

The second installment in our cheery biblical disasters Cruci-Fiction trilogy, but this one is for the Junglists. Enjoy.