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Feb 22 2016

Tom Golder – Patch 14

Radiowaves, the noise of a chaotic earth, spread out into space, dissipating into the vastness, landing on lonely worlds, where, one day, they may find a curious ear. Recorded live on my modular, no edits.

Feb 21 2016

Tom Golder – Patch 13

The ice planet. A deserted base. Seems like it was quickly abandoned. No one knows why. Sirens are still going off. No signs of life now, only burst pipes and rotting food. There must be something lurking in the sub-levels – something deep in the shadows? Did it get to everyone?

Recorded live on my modular, no edits.

Jan 31 2016

Tom Golder – Patch 12

Muted horns at sunrise. Live ambient made on a modular.

Jan 10 2016

Tom Golder – Patch 9

A drone ambient sleep concert, performed live on modular synth, no edits.

Jan 03 2016

Tom Golder – Patch 7

Specters of sound in the sacrosanct spaces of the spectrum. Ghosts and ideas traveling through time and space; inducing trances and manifesting realizations through sound. Live recording, modular synth, no edits.

Dec 18 2015

Tom Golder – Patch 6

Live ambient made on a modular. Time for a sleep concert…

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