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GHOST TRANSMISSIONS August 2015 podcast: The Dub Monk

This month The Dub Monk takes over the controls and delivers deep worldly meditation and serious science.Track listings below… Enjoy!

1. John Diefenbaker – I am a Canadian [RCA Victor]

2. Kerridge – Sonic Instruments of War #1 [Contort]

3. Lee Gamble – Dollis Hill [Pan]

4. Lee Gamble – Rufige [Pan]

5. Deadbeat – Walls & Dimensions IA [BLKRTZ]

6. Nour Fawzi – Flawless [Mindtrick Records]

7. Shackleton – You Bring Me Down [Skull Disco]

8. Muslimguaze – Gunandveil [Muslimgauze Subscription]

9. Hardware – Making Your Move [Various Production]

10. Mark One – Lost Gold [Boka Records]

11. Pev & Kowton – Vapours (Pangaea Remix) [Livity Sound]

12. Gathaspar – Gathsoland (live edit) [Made of Concrete]

13. Walton – Bulldoze [Tectonic]

14. Abayomi – Disagree [Abayomi]

15. Pfirter – Procyon (Tensal Remix) [Mindtrip]

16. Synthek & Audiolouis – Counterbalance (Kwartz Redefinition) [Natch Records]

17. J. Tijn – Kanon V.I.P. [Bedouin Records]

18. Broken English Club – Dry Cutting [Cititrax]

19. Double Helix feat. Low Density Matter & Ragga Twins – 2000 Dust [Keysound Recordings]

20. Rob Clouth – Deep Field (Vessels Remix) [Leisure System Records]

21. Elemental – Blob [Runtime Records]

22. Merimell – Cyber Seduction [Desolat]

23. Warlock – Peckham Hights [Kick & Clap]

24. Addison Groove – Push It [50 Weapons]

25. Boys Noize & Atom(tm) – Openn [Boysnoize Records]

26. Alois Huber – Sit Dub [Craft Records]

27. Ed Chamberlain – A Friendly Warning [BaseLogic]

The Dub Monk: “Dubnation I” DJ Set

Travels east and west, north and south. The Dub Monk hits the deepest points on the compass.

Sublight: “Give me some Radio” DJ set

Strictly Ital Thom.

Sublight: “Sonambulance” DJ set

Dub techno dreams and floating ambiances – call the sonambulance, I’m waking up….


Dub Monk: “Ganjafication II” DJ set

StylusNation Soundclash – the Dub Monk ups the ante with another edition of dub-focused bass tunes.

Sublight: “Seeking Succor in the Arms of the Universe” DJ set

A 2 hour dub techno infused journey of deep meditation and strengthening. Seeking Succor in the Arms of the Universe. Realize yourself.

Dub Monk: Ganjafication I.V DJ set

Dub vibes from the man in the robe.

Sublight: “Half Motion” DJ set

Amongst our favourite things: a sunny day with a dub (techno) infused soundtrack.

Sublight: “Burial Mix” DJ set

Peace and Love out to all Massive! Here’s some dubwise business for all you beautiful people. Bless up Family!

Dub Monk: “Ganjafication I” DJ set

Lots of dub and a little bit of step. Love and Light!