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GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #34 – Foreign Horizons

Travel broadens the mind, so take a trip with us. All vinyl, with some vinyl only goodies & rarities sprinkled in. Track listings below. Enjoy.

  1. Coil & Black Sun Productions – All this has to be filmed, the cameraman has to wear a black leather coat [Rustblade]
  2. Sven Weisemann – Monistic [Echocord]
  3. K-Lone – Old Fashioned [Soundman Chronicles]
  4. Inigo Kennedy – Glacier [Token]
  5. A Sagittariun – Vanishing Point [Hypercolour]
  6. Mim Suileman – Pole Pole [Dimensions Recordings]
  7. Aggborough – Not Tripping [OTB]
  8. Skinnerbox – Gender (Auntie Flo Remix) [Turbo]
  9. Stephen Brown – Sandtext [Echocord Colour]
  10. Patrice Bäumel – Sorcery [Kompakt Extra]
  11. I-iii – Dolce [Livity Sound]
  12. Pablo Mateo – Fazing Trees (John Osbourne Remix) [Dred Records]
  13. Coil & Black Sun Productions – All this has to be filmed, the cameraman has to wear a black leather coat [Rustblade]


Deep Summer immersion. All vinyl and filled with possibility. Track Listings below.

  1. Arthur Luce Klein – The Diary of Samuel Pepys [Spoken Arts Inc]
  2. Dubatech – faq [Baum]
  3. Porter Ricks – Shoal Beat [Tresor]
  4. 200 and one – Get Down (Len Faki’s Deepspace mix) [Figure]
  5. Floorplan – Made up my Mind [MPlant]
  6. Luca Agnelli – Voltumna (Truncae remix0 [Eturia]
  7. Cadens & Kracht – Lompret [Wolfskuil]
  8. Deapmash – Halcyon (VIP) [Leisure System Records]
  9. Radio Slave – Children of the E (KiNK SP1200 Remix) [Running Back]
  10. Clouds – Fallout [Electric Deluxe]
  11. Kiani and his Legion – I Can Take You There (If You Let Me Take You) [SOHASO]
  12. Bambounou – See You Soon [50 Weapons]
  13. BNJMN – Mass Conductor [Tiercel]
  14. Biosphere – Black Mesa [Biophon Records]



A little word about methodology this month: These transmissions are random. Each month we receive new records, or track down dusty finds in remote corners. The records might get a cursory listen, but in general they are new to us. No planning, no organizing, just working out of one box of records, until it tells a two-hour story. Each transmission unfolds somewhat unexpectedly, which is probably the way it should be. Enjoy.

  1. Billow Observatory – Plains [Azure Vista Records]
  2. Tim Hecker – Aerial Light Pollution Orange [Kranky]
  3. Vainqueur – Solanus (Extracted 2) [Tresor]
  4. The Analog Roland Orchestra – Musitronics Dub [Baum Limited Picture Edition]
  5. Thomas Fehlmann – Silverness [Tresor]
  6. dtw//cph – Above The Sky [Baum]
  7. Luke Hess – Myriads [Echocord Colour]
  8. Nick Höppner – Box Drop [Ostgut Ton]
  9. Richard Fearless – Overview Effect (Luke Hess Remix) [Drone]
  10. Gunnar Haslam – Scale No Flam (Servito & Cudmore Bass Shift Mix) [The Bunker New York]
  11. Pacou – A Texture (Remix) [Tresor]
  12. Deadbeat – Put On Your Red Shoes And Trance [Echocord Colour]
  13. Huxley – Weapon 3 [Aus]
  14. Landlord – Lose The Grain [Music Man Records]
  15. Charlotte De Witte – Voices Of The Ancient [Mary Go Wild]
  16. Fred Hush – Distillery [Fokalm]
  17. A Sagittariun – Curvature [Elastic Dreams]
  18. Ellen Allien – Landing XX [Bpitch Control]
  19. Kangding Ray – Rubi [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  20. Pattern Repeat – 008A [Pattern Repeat]
  21. Fluxion – Uncontained [Subwax BCN]

Dubna Labs – Shade and Colour [DJ set]

Lose yourself in the groove of a record for a while, in a field of soft noise and deep bass. All vinyl live recording, crafted with love and spring sunshine.

Dubna Labs – Winter Dreams [DJ set]

Visions of life growing at the end of the cold. All Vinyl live recording.



This month we ease into spring with new tracks & some key vault finds, across the minimal, dub techno, bass & techno spectrum. All vinyl-only mix, and some special vinyl-only releases this month. Track listings below – enjoy!

  1. Marbod – Love Me Two Times [LFR]
  2. Deadbeat – Walls & Dimensions IIA [BLKRTZ]
  3. André Galluzzi – Mario (Tofu Productions Dub Dub) [Cocoon Recordings]
  4. Sepp – Glas Din Stele [Catren]
  5. Lowris – I Don’t No [Minibar]
  6. Ester Brinkmann w. Ich David – Stripshow [Supposé]
  7. Add Noise – Surface Noise [Earsugar Beatbox]
  8. M. Rahn – Swinger [Trapez]
  9. Cosmin TRG – Oblic [Fizic]
  10. Mike Dehnert – Wokabeat [Clone Basement Series]
  11. Trans Am – I Feel As Though [SPE:C]
  12. Tensal – Inertia 2 [Kynant]
  13. Echologist – Repeat Rate [Echocord Colour]
  14. A Sagittariun – Concreate Walls [Elastic Dreams]
  15. Andre Kronert – Accelerated [Step]
  16. KiNK – Fantasia (Truncate Remix) [Pets]
  17. Cardopusher – Xerox [Boysnoize]
  18. Kowton – Loops1 [Livity Sound]
  19. Stephen Bodzin vs. Marc Romboy – Telesto [Systematic]
  20. Florian Meindl – Marble [Hell Yeah Recordings]
  21. Fluxion – Oblique [Subwax Bcn]

Ghost Transmissions March 2015 podcast: Orlesko

This month we have a special treat for you! Guest curating the podcast is our favourite vinyl storyteller, the magical Orlesko. Weaving two hours of eclectic styles and sounds into one amazing tale, this is a journey you won’t want to miss! You can check out Orlesko’s brilliant back catalogue at www.mixcloud.com/orlesko/

Sublight: “A History in (Echocord) Colour” DJ set

An exploration of the deep, dubby wonder that is the Echocord Colour label, from past to present.

Sublight: “Swaying Trees (in the Shadow of the Mountain)” DJ set

A summer breeze through the trees, a lazy afternoon half-awake on the grass. Water, Air, Earth and Fire in perfect harmony in the midst of the majesty of nature.

Sublight: “The Case of the Sea Lion Flippers” DJ set

Underwater tides flowing, in deep dub.