Tag: dubstep

Sublight: “Grease to Grease, Dust to Dust” DJ set

I should have called this one Big Bottom – but that might have sounded rude. Still, the sounds sure are…

Sublight: “A Grimey Dubtrap” DJ set

Working it.

Sublight: “Missing Medication” DJ set

The doctor is calling, and he’s not in.

Sublight: “Fucking Your Mind” DJ set

Like years of sucking on a pesticide-infused sack of mushrooms. Get funky now.

Dub Monk: “Insomnification” DJ set

A hot day passed, setting sun and baking pavement. The last few sips of a beer, and a sense of fading wakefulness. The thin sounds of a radio program coming from a neighbour’s garden and an old movie wafting out of a window somewhere. Add some bass, and some bounce, and you’re in the nether region between day and night. Here is your soundtrack.

Sublight: “Bangers & Mashed” DJ set

The rest of the records I picked up in London this July; some a bit bouncy, some a bit dark, some a bit crazy as fuck.

Dub Monk: “Damnation II” DJ set

Deep, dark, evil rumbling dubstep.

Sublight: “Experimin II” DJ set

Playing with tempo, time signatures and brain cells…

Sublight: “Across the River to Hades” DJ set

The mythical journey across the river Styx, reinterpreted via Bassmusic & Techno

There Chairon stands, who rules the dreary coast –

A sordid god: down from his hairy chin

A length of beard descends, uncombed, unclean;

His eyes, like hollow furnaces on fire;

A girdle, foul with grease, binds his obscene attire.

Virgil – The Aeneid

Dub Monk: “Ganjafication II” DJ set

StylusNation Soundclash – the Dub Monk ups the ante with another edition of dub-focused bass tunes.