Tag: fungal

Dub Monk – Lucidity Dub

Total Harmony. Total Lucidity. So much Lucidity!

Sublight: “Head Colds & Undersea Navigation” DJ set

Dark mysteries & deep sea dead ends.

Sublight: “Tripping Balls” DJ set

Sublight: “Fungal” DJ set

A highly advanced style of music that will regrow neurons and allow you to travel astrally.

Sublight: “Frank Capra’s Suicide Note” DJ set

Some more-hardcore-than-usual stuff. Here’s some breakcore and fungal intensity.

Sublight: “Emmaus Firestorm” DJ set

The third and final piece of the Cruci-Fiction trilogy finds us back in acidland with a lot of Walker/Khan-esque fungal & slow acid – a salute to Cologne before we move on into dubstep territory and then back to the acid techno. Enjoy.

Sublight: “BlakkMagickSexxxTapes” DJ set

A summer with a nymphomaniac is as dark as it is light.

Sublight: “Down the Rabbit Hole” DJ set

Darker than a million midnights, but leading to a new dawn.

Sublight: “Evil Empire” DJ set

A tribute to a true original master – the one and only Alec Empire. Culled from the vaults of his DHR label, as well as old Force Inc./Mille Plateaux releases, this covers many of the genres he’s dipped his toes into – acid, breakcore, ambient/experimental, and some serious lo-beat harshness – much of which has created or furthered the template for these forms. There are probably a few tracks in here that aren’t strictly his (Atari Teenage Riot and a few side projects), and some that might just be on his label (I’m sure there’s a Christoph de Babylon track in here somewhere…), regardless, you’ll see his hands at work in all of it – plus the mixing on this set appears to be more than a bit batshit crazy – in this case that might just help. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Bubble Dubs & Scrapes” Classic DJ set

Jungle records played at 33 instead of 45rpm create deep, dubby breaks that I could never resist. A technique I learned first from Nat [RIP] way back in ’94.