Tag: grime

Sublight: “Grease to Grease, Dust to Dust” DJ set

I should have called this one Big Bottom – but that might have sounded rude. Still, the sounds sure are…


Sublight: “A Grimey Dubtrap” DJ set

Working it.

Dub Monk: “Exaltation II” DJ set

A new one from Mr. Monk – a bit heavier dubstep than the usual fare, with some grime sprinkled in.

Sublight: “Da Heater” DJ set

Here’s another Sublight set that clocks in at nearly two hours. Plenty of action up front, some wicked dubstep in the middle and a move back uptempo for the close. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Death Dub” DJ set

Keeping it cheery tonight, here’s some dark-ass dubstep. Cheers.