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This month we welcome back the master, Orlesko as our guest curator. Soulful as the Alberta summer sunlight is long, he gives us two hours of blissful, warm vinyl vibes. Get immersed in this amazing trip… You can check out Orlesko’s extensive back catalogue at www.mixcloud.com/orlesko/

Sublight – Live @ Marty Party 2015: Where’s Marty?

Live, all-original, all-hardware set, performed Friday July 3rd at Marty Party, Calgary. It has been over ten years since I first started playing this staple of an annual party. Back then it was a couple of bands, a handful of people and this one lonely DJ. Now after years of playing records and watching this event grow and thrive, I’m pleased to be able to have opened the party with a live set I created and performed myself. Enjoy.

Tom Golder & Anthony Appleby: “Daddy Rich”

A little something jammed out over an afternoon last year & finally finished up.

Starring: MS-20, 303, DRM1, 777, Micron, and of course Richard Pryor.

Sublight: “Brand Finale” DJ set

The last of the Sublight DJ sets.

Sublight: “20 Years of Sublight” DJ set compilation

At the conclusion of his DJ career, a journey through 20 years of Sublight’s favourite mixes. Thanks to all of you for listening, for support, inspiration and many wonderful memories.

Tom Golder feat. AIR: – Museum of Memory

Softly, softly, into words and music.

Sublight: “A Love Letter” DJ set

A heart poured into vinyl.

Sublight: “Acapulco Gold” DJ set

A selection of gently sun-drenched house music. All Vinyl. All Live. All the time.

Sublight: “BiPolaroid” DJ set

Vinyl voyages between soft, sunny afternoons, to secret dim places before dawn. Seeking balance, but finding contrast.

Sublight: “Wistful Thinking” DJ set

From the soulful house of the early hours to tech endings at dusk.