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May 08 2017

Ominous Industry [DJ set]

The sounds of industry and progress, devolution and recombination. Recorded live via vinyl.

Oct 27 2016


A Halloween emission of dark experiments and noise. All vinyl in the cauldron. Track listings below.

  1. Emptyset – Medium [Subtext Recordings]
  2. The Anti Group – The Discussion [Interior Music]
  3. Coil – Aqua Regis [WAX TRAX!]
  4. Ashtray Navigations – Plastic Sea [Menlo Park Recordings]
  5. Nurse With Wound – Colder Still (Ending) [Streamline]
  6. Coil – How to Destroy Angels [LAYLAH]
  7. William S. Burroughs – Working With the Popular Forces [Sub Rosa]
  8. Zoviet France – A Flock of Rotations [Red Rhino]
  9. Orson Welles – War of the Worlds [Evolution]
  10. Richard H. Kirk – Novemer X Ray Mexico [WARP]
  11. James Bailey – From a Window 1 a.m. [Applied Science]
  12. Maybe Mental – Will [Placebo Records]
  13. The Future Sound of London – Everyone in the World is Doing Something Without Me [Virgin Records]
  14. Klaus – Cypher [R&S Records]
  15. The Sprawl – Drowning in Binary [The Death of Rave]
  16. Function/Vatican Shadow – The Nemesis Flower [Hospital Productions]
  17. Miles – Archaic Thought Pattern 1 [Modern Love]
  18. Mitchell Akiyama – Meridial [Eat This Records]
  19. Ilhan Mimaroglu – Le Tombeau d’Edgar Poe [Turnabout]
  20. Boards of Canada – Beware the Friendly Stranger [WARP]
  21. Silver Waves – VI (Ossia Remix) [Portals Editions]
  22. Raime – Dialing in Falling out [Blackest Ever Black]
  23. Ø – Heijastuva [Sähkö Recordings]
  24. The Summerlad – City of Noise [Saved by Vinyl]
  25. Link & E621 – Antacid [Evolution]
  26. PWOG – Dust (at the crossroads) [KK]
  27. Plaid – Object Orient [WARP]

Oct 17 2007

Sublight: “The 80’s be Torching your Home” DJ set

Blazing 80’s, mostly because I seem to have changed my studio setup in 2007 and the input gain was way too high. There’s still some delicate synth-pop in there somewhere…?

The 80's be Torching Your Home [2007] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Oct 07 2005

Sublight: “The 90’s don’t be havin’ it” DJ set

Synth pop melodies and industrial rhythms.

The 90's don't be havin' it [2005] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Jun 30 2002

Sublight: “Spoony G’s Wedding Mix” DJ set

All the old industrial and alternative standards from the many Queen Street goth clubs we used to frequent in late 80’s and early 90’s Toronto.

Spoony G's Wedding Mix [2002] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Aug 02 1995

Sublight: “Subsonic Dub Craft” Classic DJ set

A deep, dark voyage into side-projects of Front Line Assembly.

Subsonic Dub Craft [1995] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Nov 16 1994

Sublight: “Dark Waters” Classic DJ set

In choice of music, as well as actual content, a lot of the vestiges of my early 90’s addiction to industrial remained evident. Apart from the usual suspects of the scene at the time, like artists on Chicago’s fabled Wax Trax! records and the many amazing bands and labels closer to home in Canada, there was also darker ambient and experimental content, all of which melded into a stew of dark and hard beats, resulting in an immediate affiliation with hard techno and dark, heavy trance. At the time, Toronto, and all of southern Ontario, were pushing out an amazing amount of home-made content in that range (Plus8, DOVe), and it was this time when I started getting beyond my growing CD collection, and started to buy vinyl. Expensive and hard to play at the time with an old belt-drive turntable with no tempo adjustment on it, it was still hard to pass up what I was finding. Equally, having collected so much Wax Trax, I was becoming immersed in their Warp reissues. You can hear the results.

Dark Waters [1994] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Oct 01 1994

Sublight: “Take a Step Back…” Classic DJ set

How it all began for Sublight. The first side of the first mixtape. A transition from a guy fade-mixing industrial music in dodgy goth clubs to a multi-decade long addiction to playing electronic music.

Take a Step Back… [1994] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Sep 30 1994

Sublight: “…to Advance” Classic DJ set

The second side of the first tape. A transition from my industrial years to techno and hardcore.

…to Advance [1994] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud