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GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #33 – Mr. Dub’s Wild Ride

Take a deep journey through the ebbs and flows of the bass world. All syncopation, all the time on this naturally all vinyl mix. Track listings below. Enjoy.

  1. Jack Coleman – Jamal [TMS Records]
  2. Musai Soundworks – Hoinar [Trigram]
  3. Akkord – XMTR [Houndstooth]
  4. Lurka – Beater (Stenny Remix) [Timedance]
  5. Sherwood & Pinch – Juggling Act [On-U Sound]
  6. Mosca – Don’t Take This The Wrong Way [Livity Sound]
  7. Pinch – Water Bomb [Cold Recordings]
  8. Alan Johnson – Ank [Blank Mind]
  9. Millie & Andrea – Quay [Modern Love]
  10. Jóhann Jóhannsson – A Pile of Dust [Deutsche Grammophon]
  11. Akkord – RCVR [Houndstooth]
  12. Special Request – Live from Alpha Centauri [Houndstooth]
  13. Hate – Hello Darkness [Hate]
  14. Demdike Stare – Primitive Equations [Modern Love]

Dark Surface – 1992.1

Bringing back the oldskool breakbeat hardcore. Made with love and hardware: Roland Super JV 1080, sr-jv80 Techno expansion.


A swerve into oldskool Jungle, in all of its darkness and light. Dark Surface brings the vinyl. Track Listings below.

  1. Oaysis – Open Secrets [Moving Shadow]
  2. Remarc + Lewi Cifer – Ricky [Dollar Records]
  3. Johnny Jungle – Johnny ’94 (Kings of the Jungle mix) [Suburban Base]
  4. Remarc – Not 4 U [Dollar Records]
  5. Bizzy B & Technochild – Dubplate Wars [Brain Records]
  6. Gappa G and Hyper Hyper – Information Centre (Bizzy B Remix) [Ruff Kut Records]
  7. Tango & Fallout – Positive Chaos (Mix 2) [not on label]
  8. DJ Solo – Made in London [Production House Records]
  9. MI5 – I Can’t Understand [Lucky Spin Records]
  10. Da Intalex – What Ya Gonna Do (Remix Part 1) [Flex Records]
  11. Danny Breaks – Step Off (Remix by Splash) [Droppin’ Science]
  12. Interrogator – Fire Play [Liftin’ Spirit Records]
  13. DJ Shock C. & DJ Ellis the Menace – Crazy Feelings [Back 2 Basics Recordings]
  14. Lick Back Organization – Ruff ‘N’ Rugged (The Kenny Ken Remix) [Suburban Base]
  15. Smith Inc – She Devil [Absolute Zero Records]
  16. The Imposter and Lewi – Shining [II Strong Records]
  17. Ned Ryder – Lift Off [Back 2 Basics Recordings]
  18. DJ Levi – Nema, Child of the Void [Spotlight Records]
  19. Notorious – Raw Material [Production House Records]
  20. Q Project  – Champion Sound (Alliance Remix) [Legend Records]
  21. Ginetix – Main Feature [Face Records]
  22. Tom and Jerry – Cat Got Your Tongue [Tom & Jerry Records]
  23. DJ Trace & Ed Rush – Clean Gun [Lucky Spin Recordings]
  24. SMF – Guillotine (Psychotic Mix) [Rugged Vinyl]
  25. Mixrace – Mixrace Outta Hand [Moving Shadow]
  26. White Breaks – White Line [White Breaks Frankfurt]
  27. Mixrace – The Don of Babylon [Moving Shadow]
  28. Phrenetic – Candy Man [Whitehouse Records]
  29. Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Mix) [Metalheadz]

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS August 2015 podcast: The Dub Monk

This month The Dub Monk takes over the controls and delivers deep worldly meditation and serious science.Track listings below… Enjoy!

1. John Diefenbaker – I am a Canadian [RCA Victor]

2. Kerridge – Sonic Instruments of War #1 [Contort]

3. Lee Gamble – Dollis Hill [Pan]

4. Lee Gamble – Rufige [Pan]

5. Deadbeat – Walls & Dimensions IA [BLKRTZ]

6. Nour Fawzi – Flawless [Mindtrick Records]

7. Shackleton – You Bring Me Down [Skull Disco]

8. Muslimguaze – Gunandveil [Muslimgauze Subscription]

9. Hardware – Making Your Move [Various Production]

10. Mark One – Lost Gold [Boka Records]

11. Pev & Kowton – Vapours (Pangaea Remix) [Livity Sound]

12. Gathaspar – Gathsoland (live edit) [Made of Concrete]

13. Walton – Bulldoze [Tectonic]

14. Abayomi – Disagree [Abayomi]

15. Pfirter – Procyon (Tensal Remix) [Mindtrip]

16. Synthek & Audiolouis – Counterbalance (Kwartz Redefinition) [Natch Records]

17. J. Tijn – Kanon V.I.P. [Bedouin Records]

18. Broken English Club – Dry Cutting [Cititrax]

19. Double Helix feat. Low Density Matter & Ragga Twins – 2000 Dust [Keysound Recordings]

20. Rob Clouth – Deep Field (Vessels Remix) [Leisure System Records]

21. Elemental – Blob [Runtime Records]

22. Merimell – Cyber Seduction [Desolat]

23. Warlock – Peckham Hights [Kick & Clap]

24. Addison Groove – Push It [50 Weapons]

25. Boys Noize & Atom(tm) – Openn [Boysnoize Records]

26. Alois Huber – Sit Dub [Craft Records]

27. Ed Chamberlain – A Friendly Warning [BaseLogic]

Sublight: “20 Years of Sublight” DJ set compilation

At the conclusion of his DJ career, a journey through 20 years of Sublight’s favourite mixes. Thanks to all of you for listening, for support, inspiration and many wonderful memories.



Sublight: “Marty Party 2014” DJ set

It’s been over a decade since I started as the first and only DJ at this party of parties of Marty’s. Here’s the set that takes it back to my Jungle roots. Massive love to the Marty, and to all the people that have made this amazing event possible year after year. What a community we have built, and what a party we have had doing it.


Sublight: “Jungle Dawn” DJ set

A re-recording of the all-vinyl sunrise set played at Kakuken Sound Stage, Freezer Burn 2014, 4-5am


Sublight: “Out with the Old, and In with the Out” DJ set

4 Hours, countless directions, melting the stack of my remaining 2013 vinyl purchases down into a puddle of joy in your ears. Happy 2014.


Sublight: “Soundclash!” DJ set

We’re all feeling a bit plucky at Stylusnation HQ tonight – probably on account of the cider. Accordingly, here’s a Sublight jungle set. What?! We haven’t had one of those in a while (the mixing on this set probably reinforces that fact), but it’s been long overdue that we circle back to this, the greatest use of a breakbeat ever. Cheers.

Sublight: “Working Liquid III” DJ set

More mellow liquid to keep the weekend working. Enjoy.