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May 16 2017

Dark Surface – 1992.1

Bringing back the oldskool breakbeat hardcore. Made with love and hardware: Roland Super JV 1080, sr-jv80 Techno expansion.

Feb 15 2017


A swerve into oldskool Jungle, in all of its darkness and light. Dark Surface brings the vinyl. Track Listings below.

  1. Oaysis – Open Secrets [Moving Shadow]
  2. Remarc + Lewi Cifer – Ricky [Dollar Records]
  3. Johnny Jungle – Johnny ’94 (Kings of the Jungle mix) [Suburban Base]
  4. Remarc – Not 4 U [Dollar Records]
  5. Bizzy B & Technochild – Dubplate Wars [Brain Records]
  6. Gappa G and Hyper Hyper – Information Centre (Bizzy B Remix) [Ruff Kut Records]
  7. Tango & Fallout – Positive Chaos (Mix 2) [not on label]
  8. DJ Solo – Made in London [Production House Records]
  9. MI5 – I Can’t Understand [Lucky Spin Records]
  10. Da Intalex – What Ya Gonna Do (Remix Part 1) [Flex Records]
  11. Danny Breaks – Step Off (Remix by Splash) [Droppin’ Science]
  12. Interrogator – Fire Play [Liftin’ Spirit Records]
  13. DJ Shock C. & DJ Ellis the Menace – Crazy Feelings [Back 2 Basics Recordings]
  14. Lick Back Organization – Ruff ‘N’ Rugged (The Kenny Ken Remix) [Suburban Base]
  15. Smith Inc – She Devil [Absolute Zero Records]
  16. The Imposter and Lewi – Shining [II Strong Records]
  17. Ned Ryder – Lift Off [Back 2 Basics Recordings]
  18. DJ Levi – Nema, Child of the Void [Spotlight Records]
  19. Notorious – Raw Material [Production House Records]
  20. Q Project  – Champion Sound (Alliance Remix) [Legend Records]
  21. Ginetix – Main Feature [Face Records]
  22. Tom and Jerry – Cat Got Your Tongue [Tom & Jerry Records]
  23. DJ Trace & Ed Rush – Clean Gun [Lucky Spin Recordings]
  24. SMF – Guillotine (Psychotic Mix) [Rugged Vinyl]
  25. Mixrace – Mixrace Outta Hand [Moving Shadow]
  26. White Breaks – White Line [White Breaks Frankfurt]
  27. Mixrace – The Don of Babylon [Moving Shadow]
  28. Phrenetic – Candy Man [Whitehouse Records]
  29. Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Mix) [Metalheadz]

Jul 16 2016

Oldskool Tool (loops)

In case you weren’t hardcore before ’94.

Dec 17 2014

Sublight: “20 Years of Sublight” DJ set compilation

At the conclusion of his DJ career, a journey through 20 years of Sublight’s favourite mixes. Thanks to all of you for listening, for support, inspiration and many wonderful memories.


Apr 29 2014

Sublight: “S.O.L. – We Rad” NEW MUSIC

Classic oldskool moments re-engineered & re-lived.

Dec 26 2013

Sublight: “Spacific States” NEW TRACK

A nod back to the old school on my 20 year rave-versary. Composed on the road + mixed on headphones + not mastered = 1993 quality 🙂

Mar 31 2006

Sublight: “Detroit Hieroglyphs” DJ set

In thousands of years when archeologists resurrect the stylus as a contemporary Rosetta Stone, they will place it on the ancient plates they find in the crypts of Detroit, and the markings will come to booming, majestic life. Big up UR and +8, you will last the test of time.

Detroit Hieroglyphs [2006] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Jul 23 2005

Sublight: “Cracked Pepper Spray” DJ set

The madness escapes in every direction. This bizness is gritty and dangerous.

Cracked Pepper Spray [2005] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Dec 08 2004

Sublight: “The Forgotten Levels” DJ set

The undiscovered continent of early rave music.

The Forgotten Levels [2004] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Jun 17 2004

Sublight: “30th Level of Hell” DJ set

A look into the mirror, the reflection of what was, and as such, what will be.

30th Level of Hell [2004] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

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