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Apr 24 2014

Sublight: “Let’s get Fucked Up” DJ set

Do what makes you happy.

Mar 15 2014

Sublight: “Truly, Madly, Deeply” DJ set

Melody is fleeting, but fitting.

Jun 29 2013

Sublight: “Only in Dreams” DJ set

Summer’s breath on your skin, rays of sunshine amidst the shade. The caress of grass and a lover. Dreams of being far away, and yet, exactly here.

Jun 10 2013

Sublight: “Drama King” DJ set

Dirty but delicate drama-house. Melodies and melodrama all at once.

Drama King [2013] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Apr 22 2001

Sublight: “HK2” DJ set

An unusual foray into some unexpectedly cheesy progressive trance.

HK2 [2001] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Jul 15 1997

Sublight: “Strange Trance Diagrams” Classic DJ set

An out-of-character outburst of happy progressive trance and house. It won’t happen again, promise.

Strange Trance Diagrams [1997] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud