Tag: slow techno

Tom Golder – Patch 21

Slow acid jam, recorded live on my modular.

Tom Golder – Sensory Order

The haze of perception. Made with an Acidlab Miami, MC-505 and TT-303.

Tom Golder feat. AiR – BluSky

I remember the sky.

Tom Golder – Patch 8

Slow Techno, deep and evolving – all performed live in one take on a modular, no edits.

Tom Golder – 727 ’69 Shuffle

See what happens when everyone’s favourite Latin drum machine slowly goes bonkers, thanks to pedals and bad neighbours.

Tom Golder – Reported Lost in the South Sea

Pedals & Hardware adrift.

Tom Golder & Jah Raven Creation: “Rebirth” original music

Old machines tell stories. Hardware-only jam.

Sublight: “Isolation” DJ set

Sometimes even with your thoughts to keep you company, you can be alone. Isolation.