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Tom Golder & Lucas Peralta – Acid Riddim (edit)

It deserved an edit – because my intros are too damn long. Lucas brings the acid on a DR-202 live jam, Tom cranks out a riddim. Edited for your not-being-bored pleasure.

Tom Golder & Lucas Peralta – Acid Riddim

An all-hardware live acid jam. Lucas brings his trusty old DR-202 down to StylusNation HQ for some acid bass trials, and Tom bangs out a riddim on the Drum Station.

Sublight: “20 Years of Sublight” DJ set compilation

At the conclusion of his DJ career, a journey through 20 years of Sublight’s favourite mixes. Thanks to all of you for listening, for support, inspiration and many wonderful memories.



Sublight: “Rips & Tears” DJ set

Bass, breaks, beats – all lined up.


Sublight: “LateNight/LowEnd” DJ set

One foot in the dream world, the other about to hit the floor as you stumble out of bed. Semi-conscious, half-fevered, partly drawn into the nightmare world – though you’re not sure if it’s the waking or the sleeping one.


Sublight: “Fucking Your Mind” DJ set

Like years of sucking on a pesticide-infused sack of mushrooms. Get funky now.


Sublight: “Bangers & Mashed” DJ set

The rest of the records I picked up in London this July; some a bit bouncy, some a bit dark, some a bit crazy as fuck.

Sublight: “Night Terrorist” DJ set

I love you baby. Like silk. Like Velvet. Like promises. Dirty Promises…

Sublight: “Kinetic” DJ set

Anything to get you shaking those hips.

Sublight: “Stormy Weather Underground” DJ set

Burrowing under the dirt, trying to escape the grey clouds, dam rain and thunder – but there is no respite. Under the soil, deep sounds permeate your being, there is Stormy Weather Underground.