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Nov 19 2011

Sublight: “Day of the Dead” DJ set

The first half is sweet, gentle and mysterious, but the second half likes to play rough. Enjoy!

Nov 12 2011

Sublight: “Brohouse” DJ set

This set is to house as brostep is to dubstep – the rawer, visceral elements and a heavy beat. The good news is that this is a lot less likely to turn anyone into a drunken, moshing asshole.


Nov 10 2011

Sublight: “MK2” DJ set

I recently got to throw down some records at a pretty massive & rocking house party, something I hadn’t done in a very long time. A house party has a great raw and boisterous vibe that you just can’t get in a club or warehouse – not to say one is better than the other, they all have their merits. Here’s a shorter reconstruction of that night’s bounce.

MK2 [2011] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Oct 18 2011

Sublight: “Team Gruyere: World Police” DJ set

Cheesy, bouncy goodness.

Team Gruyere: World Police [2011] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Jul 02 2011

Sublight: Bassbus launch party DJ set

Here is the Sublight set from the launch party night. This one is dedicated to our good friend Nat, a beautiful human being who touched our hearts with her love, caring and music.  Every day she reached for the stars. Now she is among them. Rest in Peace.

Bassbus Launch Party [2011] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

May 21 2011

Sublight: “Da Heater” DJ set

Here’s another Sublight set that clocks in at nearly two hours. Plenty of action up front, some wicked dubstep in the middle and a move back uptempo for the close. Enjoy.

Da Heater [2011] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Mar 19 2011

Sublight: “Objects Coming to Rest” DJ set

A mix that features bass music of many flavours, starting uptempo, and eventually moving to the half-step. Enjoy.

Objects Coming to Rest [2011] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Nov 21 2009

Sublight: “Adventures in Warehouse” DJ set

After a while, trying to identify every micro-genre of the moment becomes very annoying, so we’re going to side with iDJ mag on this and suggest that it’s a lot easier to just go back to basics, and to co-opt their use of the term Warehouse to describe anything in the 120-140BPM range that isn’t dubstep. 😉

Music doesn’t stop at boundaries of definition or philosophy, it is intended to be inclusive, hybridized and evolving. So instead of trying to desperately create nomenclatures for all of it, let’s just play it, let it mingle and mutate and not have to worry about defining the amorphous or the beautiful. Enjoy.

Adventures in Warehouse [2009] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Nov 19 2009

Sublight: “Fashion Week 2009 Mix” DJ set

Mixed for our friends at the House of Lizares for Toronto Fashion Week, this one is all kinds of fun packed into 24 minutes made for the catwalk. Enjoy.

Fashion Week Mix 2009 [2009] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud