Category: DJ Sets

Weaponized (the best of 50 Weapons) [DJ set]

A selection of the finest, and hardest, of the 50 Weapons catalogue, played out on vinyl.


Ominous Industry [DJ set]

The sounds of industry and progress, devolution and recombination. Recorded live via vinyl.

Vibrate Now [DJ set]

Add some shuffle and swing to your day. All-vinyl mix, recorded live.

Dubna Labs – Shade and Colour [DJ set]

Lose yourself in the groove of a record for a while, in a field of soft noise and deep bass. All vinyl live recording, crafted with love and spring sunshine.

Tom Golder – Herzlichkeit [DJ set]

Warm, dreamy sounds to keep the cold at bay. All vinyl live recording.

Dubna Labs – Winter Dreams [DJ set]

Visions of life growing at the end of the cold. All Vinyl live recording.


Dub Monk – No Absolution [DJ set]

Contrition and regrets hold no order here. Unlocked on pure vinyl.

Tom Golder – In the Air [DJ set]

Soft warm whispers in the trees… All vinyl set, recorded live with no edits.

Tom Golder – Equinox to Equinox [DJ set]

Music for a changing of the seasons. All vinyl live recording.

Dub Monk – Frozen Bass [DJ set]

Cool run tings.