Category: Classic DJ Sets

Sublight: “Ill Millennium: Gone” Classic DJ set

A live set from New Year’s eve 2000 in Toronto – the second hour of this 90’s jungle/DnB retrospective focuses on the second half of the decade.

Sublight: “Ill Millennium: Driven” Classic DJ set

A live set from New Year’s Eve 2000 in Toronto – this first hour was a celebration of classic jungle tunes from the first half of the 90’s

Sublight: “Time” Classic DJ set

Early days of jungle & hardcore. Deep and rough.

Sublight: “Rave Mania” Classic DJ set

A quick hit of jungle.

Sublight: “Burn Cali Weed” Classic DJ set

Dark old jungle

Sublight: “Retrovirus: Second Case” Classic DJ set

A journey back through oldskool dark jungle, breakbeat hardcore and darkcore.

Sublight: “Pirate Radio ’99” Classic DJ set

Pirate radio session in Rob Kno’s music bunker, transmitted live-to-air via illegal FM transmitter.

Sublight: “Distance” Classic DJ set

A 1999 DJ set from the foggy grey of a Vancouver fall. Enveloped by clouds and soft musical comfort…

Sublight: “Brain Droid” Classic DJ set

Heaviest hitter of the 90’s. Absolute drum & bass thunder with some dark tech steppers.

Sublight: “Hardcore Uproar” Classic DJ set

Loads of SU Corp compilation fodder, happy and hard, pitched up and intense. This stuff was always incredibly fun.