Tag: electro

Sublight: “Team Gruyere: World Police” DJ set

Cheesy, bouncy goodness.

Sublight: “Da Heater” DJ set

Here’s another Sublight set that clocks in at nearly two hours. Plenty of action up front, some wicked dubstep in the middle and a move back uptempo for the close. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Adventures in Warehouse” DJ set

After a while, trying to identify every micro-genre of the moment becomes very annoying, so we’re going to side with iDJ mag on this and suggest that it’s a lot easier to just go back to basics, and to co-opt their use of the term Warehouse to describe anything in the 120-140BPM range that isn’t dubstep. 😉

Music doesn’t stop at boundaries of definition or philosophy, it is intended to be inclusive, hybridized and evolving. So instead of trying to desperately create nomenclatures for all of it, let’s just play it, let it mingle and mutate and not have to worry about defining the amorphous or the beautiful. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Fashion Week 2009 Mix” DJ set

Mixed for our friends at the House of Lizares for Toronto Fashion Week, this one is all kinds of fun packed into 24 minutes made for the catwalk. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Bounce in a Bad Neighbourhood” DJ set

A trippy little ditty

Sublight: “Downplayed” DJ set

A late night highway between Berlin and Montreal.

Sublight: “Fuzzy Dice” DJ set

This would have been a lot better if I hadn’t have fried the input signal on this an the two mixes before it, but I just pretend it’s a really gritty mix. Now you can too.

Sublight: “Magic Carpet Bride” DJ set

Bright, bass heavy breakbeat and some electro to close it down.

Sublight: “Siren Song” DJ set

Can you get funky? Big breaks & basslines with a mildly acidic aftertaste.

Sublight: “Dark Tripoff” DJ set

More late-night breaks, this time with a darker, electro twist. This set was born inspired on the back of an unlikely source, a Yeats poem, “The Second Coming”, whose full text and background you can find here. Enjoy.