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Sublight: “Clear Gabber” Classic DJ set

Last of the heavy artillery, and the end of an era. By early 1999 I was working in Vancouver, regularly commuting from Toronto and living in hotels, and music took a back seat for the year as I eventually moved to Vancouver for the fall and winter, not settling down until mid-2000 when I moved to Calgary. For the time being there would be fewer mixtapes and fewer still events or shows.

Sublight: “Nuttercore Hard” Classic DJ set

Halloween Hardcore Madness!

Sublight: “Sounds of Heads Banging” Classic DJ set

Hell-o-ween hardcore, recorded just before a performance at Toronto’s legendary E-Space, a disused abattoir and meat packing plant.

Sublight: “Core-Hardness” Classic DJ set

One coffee, one cream, ten-thousand sugars please.

Sublight: “Gabber Mind Splinter Tool” Classic DJ set

Happy Gabber. Not sure why the title was so aggressive…

Sublight: “Core” Classic DJ set

Happier Gabber.

Sublight: “Gabber Beatz” Classic DJ set

One of the happiest most intensely positive and energetic hardcore sessions from back in the day.

Sublight: “Gabber in E Minor” Classic DJ set

Side B. Not really less happy, but still not happy hardcore, although be advised there is just a tiny bit of piano…. Some melodic gems here and a couple of Mokum slammers.

Sublight: “Gabber in E Major” Classic DJ set

Side A. Bouncy incredibly upbeat hardcore, these were the years of ID&T’s Thunderdome compilations and the many amazing labels they drew from like Pengo, KNOR, Babyboom, Dwarf, Samurai, BZRK and so many others. As a special bonus, MC Rage’s “Fuck Macarena” graces this mix, putting it right to the edge of cheesy.

Sublight: “Advances on the Happy Gabber Front” Classic DJ set

Side B. Finish with a smile.