Tag: trance

Sublight: “HK2” DJ set

An unusual foray into some unexpectedly cheesy progressive trance.

Sublight: “Soju Trance” Classic DJ set

Made for the Southern Fried Soju Girl while she was in Korea. Trance goes out with a bang.


Sublight: “Strange Trance Diagrams” Classic DJ set

An out-of-character outburst of happy progressive trance and house. It won’t happen again, promise.

Sublight: “Darkest Dejection turned to Depth” Classic DJ set

Much like the set before it, this was about closing the books on an amazing era in trance and moving beyond it as it stagnated, to the genres that were revitalizing and evolving in more innovative ways.

Sublight: “Brightest Intensity Trance” Classic DJ set

One of the last and best trance sets I recorded. By the late 90’s trace was becoming either very light, lazy progressive or very dark, dull and psy, neither of which I was enjoying. The golden age of epic beauty trance was all but over, and the powerful anthems of Prolekult, Dream Inn, Banzai, Ascension and others were drifting away, to be replaced by the comical elevator music that trance would become.

Sublight: “The Good” Classic DJ set

Deep into the trance vaults.

Sublight: “German Trance is Eternal” Classic DJ set

From the comic to the (hard)core, an exploration.

Sublight: “Ecstatic German Trance” Classic DJ set

Frankfurt’s best and some of the rest.

Sublight: “New Directions in German Trance” Classic DJ set

Not that new now, but still…

Sublight: “Gabberdeen!” Classic DJ set

Slow evolutions from deep and hard to happy and heavy.