Tag: UKFunky

Sublight: “Subterran Movement” DJ set

A dirty underground wander through eclectic genres of deep, dark, and sin-inspiring bass music. With a dash of techno, for those who like it blunt.

Sublight: “Soundtrack for a Manic Depressive” DJ set

For a grey day’s introspection. Some deep, deep techno, and subterranean bass music to get lost and found in. Arguably the best StylusNation set we’ve had the fortune to send your way this year – listen to it in the dark.

Sublight: “Basslug” DJ set

Hey baby, like it hard? Because it don’t get much harder than this. Technomusick and Bassmusiq on the heavy tip.

Sublight: “Uneasy Vibrations” DJ set

Iller getting iller getting iller…

Sublight: “Dark Matter” DJ set

Serious syncopated rhythms. Heavy & tribal.